Novosibirsk Philharmonic received a new concert hall

The new Concert Hall in Novosibirsk solemn concert in honor of putting the building in operation. During Tuesday, May 14th general contractor "Building Trust № 43" solemnly handed over the building of a new concert hall, named after Arnold Katz Novosibirsk Philharmonic.

Arnold M. Katz since its inception in 1956, the Novosibirsk Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra was its permanent artistic director and principal conductor.

Builders have commissioned and handed Philharmonic musicians new concert hall, located at street Spartacus, 11, the construction of which was completed more 25 December 2012, the director of the Philharmonic Alexander Nazimko.

The total area of the new concert hall is 21.5 thousand square meters, the hall has a capacity for 1,100 spectators, including 12 seats are designed for wheelchair users. Most importantly, the room is adapted for people with disabilities: the entrance is equipped with ramps. Also, the building is equipped with elevators for this category of citizens.

In the coming years for the hall will design and build the body. The place of installation left the scene. 

The fate of this object is not an easy call. Term of putting it into operation constantly postponed: affected challenging technical and engineering parameters of the hall. The designers and builders to create not just an ordinary object "for show", and the main concert hall of the Siberian capital, which is so needed in the urban community.

According to the director Philharmonic, what happened on Tuesday, is an important but technical point. "It is a transfer service from the builders of the hall to us. We will be doing for builders in gratitude live show, but not much more. After this room we’ve been dealing with it, we will be on the balance sheet, our life will start to master all of the equipment to prepare for the concerts, "- said Alexander Nazimko. He also said that builders continue to work, they do not go away from the facility.

In December of last year in the role of the listener at first — technically — visited the world-famous concert violinist Vadim Repin. He praised the acoustics of the hall, but noted that musicians now have to "make friends" with the audience. Director of the Philharmonic said that in the new hall acoustic tests were carried out only twice, as the building is still in a state of construction, rehearse there was forbidden.

Head of Laboratory of Acoustics Research kinofotoinstituta Indlin Yuri said that the new hall acoustic measurements showed that the characteristics are the best concert halls Philharmonic plan.

To the public a new concert hall will open in September. "We are planning for the audience a good opening concert featuring Vadim Repin, Vladimir Spivakov, our orchestra. It will be at the highest level, and then the season starts, "- said the director of Philharmonic. Possible date for the opening concert called the September 18, birthday of Arnold Katz.

In the near future to the new facility will begin to move those groups Philharmonic, who had to work on the rented venues — and Russian Academic Symphony orchestras, chamber choir and big band Vladimir Tolkacheva.

Also in the plans of Novosibirsk authorities — holding the 2014 large-scale music festival with the participation not only of local art groups, but also the stars of the international level.

Now we have a building Philharmonic Chamber Hall, which is inferior in terms of capacity and a new, demolished buildings and a large hall. In addition, the groups perform at other venues in the city. As previously reported Nazimko, teams will continue to act in other areas, but the building of the new hall will be the main venue for concerts and rehearsals.

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