Novosibirsk plant dry and the NSTU began joint training

graduations in NSTU (2011)
graduations in NSTU (2011)

Students Department of airplane and helicopter, Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU) began the school year on a new educational program developed jointly faculty Faculty of aircraft (LAF) and the leadership of part of the holding "Dry" Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association. VPChkalov (NAPO). Now the department will prepare qualified specialists, adapted to the requirements of modern aircraft production.

According to the company "Sukhoi", a new program introduced discipline required for successful operation of future graduates in aircraft manufacturing association — "Modern methods of doing business", "Best Practices in Manufacturing Enterprise", "Fundamentals of ERP-systems", etc. Students learn assembly production, resource management, design and production of aircraft components using advanced information systems technology for machining equipment using ultra-precise tool. Together with the teachers of the university lectures for students to read and foreign experts with experience in large companies such as the American "Boeing" and the Italian "Alenia Aeronautica." Work experience students also carry leading experts NAPO.

The curriculum is built in such a way that students are starting to get the necessary skills in the work from the second year. For four semesters, they learn to create vehicles with the help of computer-aided design (CAD) program to count for machines with numerical control (CNC), an analysis of the projected construction of the unit, learn the basics of working with electronic layout of the product. Having mastered these areas, students are exposed to information technology product lifecycle and modern methods of management.

For the successful training of future specialists are working to re-equip the educational process with the new equipment and advanced software, which is used to NAPO. At the end of each course, students will take the company production practices. Work in a factory special plan they will be able at the end of the fourth year.

The company "Sukhoi" pays great attention to the training of young professionals, the company said. Thanks conducted in the past 10 years, the activities of its departments are constantly replenished by young highly qualified engineering staff. Every year on the job in a company comes to more than 300 young professionals. They actively participate in the implementation of priority civilian and military projects, and in some areas play a leading role. Their share in the number of engineering staff than at present 30 percent. Work with young people in the "dry" are considered particularly important in solving the problems of innovative development. The company has a system to attract, secure and professional development of young professionals. The scientific and practical conferences, developing cooperation with partners, subcontractors, specialists are trained mid-level management within the production activities are organized competitions "The best young manager holding" and "Best in the specialty."

In Moscow and the regions are working with students of specialized universities. Each year, in conjunction with the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), the Olympics are held on aircraft for high school students. Winners receive grants to study with employment in the business units. Create a group of targeted training of the students of the third year MAI. Students are held in the company and in the factories of industrial practice, allowing them to get acquainted with the best practices of creating new models of aircraft. Motivation of the program students receive stipends "Dry" and salary while working part-time at the company. Young professionals annually participate in the competition for the best scientific and technical work. The company has established and actively works council of young professionals.

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