Novosibirsk Region has launched a network of ground stations for GLONASS

Operating a network of 19 ground stations for satellite navigation system GLONASS began on Wednesday in the Novosibirsk region, According to the head of the regional department of information and telecommunications technology development Anatoly Dyubanov.

"Today, March 23, we are launching a pilot test operation in a special mode of functioning of the GLONASS system — exact positioning mode. This is when using the 19 ground stations to enter the exact correction for subscribers, "- he told reporters.

According Dyubanova, the system is not only needed cadastral surveyors and employees. Thanks to a variety of applications, the system can be used for emergency services, in agriculture, to monitor the status of high-rise buildings, industrial buildings, such as power plant.

"Application huge amount and accuracy of the system allows to determine the progress of up to three centimeters in real time … We can introduce entirely new technologies, including technologies for territorial and transport systems that will be able to a centimeter on the map to position the vehicle," — he said.

Dyubanov reported that testing of the system began in the summer, all the while the developer — Siberian State Academy of Geodesy — has modified it.

"Now that the system can be used as a means of measurement, there is a certificate, we offer a pilot test operation to the company, which later will use a single measurement range of the Novosibirsk region, tried and unified manner moved to the new technology," — he said .

The head of the department said that the use of the system will reduce labor costs for surveying by 40-60%, while the value of the land taken for the customer to decline by 30-40%.

"I think, from August to commercial operation system must go" — added Dyubanov.

Speaking at the conference, where the presentation of a network of ground stations, the Governor Vasily Yurchenko said her need for spatial planning and construction.

He said that the development of the network will be continued on that in the next three years will be spent almost 200 million rubles.

"We tie the whole territory of the Novosibirsk region necessary information and communication links, build additional stations that will allow this task very efficiently and accurately solved," — said the head of the region.

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