Novosibirsk region is preparing for mass application of new

material in road construction

On the basis of the Ob road repair and construction administration of "Novosibirskavtodor" running plant for the production of polymer-bitumen binders. It is the only company in the Urals, producing similar materials.

Capacity of the new production unit of polymer-bitumen binders up to 10 tons per hour. For the year this plant can produce enough material to build a road length of about 50 kilometers.

Polymer modification can significantly enhance the strength of asphalt concrete at high and low temperatures, which reduces rutting and half, from 5.4 to 10 years, extends the time between repairs. 

In this modern material is slightly more expensive than traditional petroleum bitumen road. When comparing only the cost of a conventional modified bitumen with the difference of the order of 15-20%. However, when compared to the final product, in the production of construction and reconstruction of the road rise in price of one kilometer is only 1%. For repairs — 5%. In 2013, in the Novosibirsk region planned two experimental plot on which to apply this technology: the overhaul on the M-51 and the reconstruction of roads in the Orda region.


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