Novosibirsk researchers grow algae for biofuel


Siberian biologists and chemists grow microalgae, which will become the raw material for biofuels. 

According to scientists, micro-algae — is the most promising to date biofuels. Microalgae, along with vegetable oils, waste processing of cereal, cane, sawdust and many others form the basis for the production of biofuels — an alternative oil.

According to its characteristics microalgae grown in Novosibirsk exceed terrestrial plants. They fatter: this strain to 80% by dry weight of fat. The more fat, the more energy is obtained from them.

The head of the research group of the Institute of Catalysis SB RAS, Vadim Yakovlev said that the experience in the development of various catalytic processes, and the use of modern approaches produces fuel with a high performance, which can be used as additives to traditional motor fuels.

Last summer in the UK rose by aircraft fuel produced from algae. Tuck them decided only one of the engines. However, it became clear that companies are willing to invest in research.

Financial resources of the Europeans and the Japanese Novosibirsk researchers have opposed the union of minds. Biologists and chemists are working in close contact.

In the Novosibirsk Akademgorodok sure what catalysts will be a "secret weapon" of Russians in the way of getting a cheap alternative source of energy. European scientists have more effort is directed to the cultivation of algae, and processing using traditional approaches.

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