Novosibirsk set nonoceramic implant in the spine

Siberian surgeons performed an operation to install the first implant of a structured nanoceramics that has been completely designed and manufactured in Novosibirsk.

The driver Vitaly truck Haas aching hand. The pain was so strong that it even he could not move. The local doctor sent a man to NIITO. There’s a patient with a diagnosis of "disc herniation of the cervical spine" included in a clinical trial.

"My neck ached, and takes away the right arm — said Vitaly Haas. — It hurt so much that I could not do anything with that arm. I have not even thought about becoming a member of that experiment. "

Haas was the first who established a nanostructured ceramic implant produced locally. Surgeons implanted into place removed during surgery disc between the sixth and seventh cervical vertebrae.

The implant is installed Vitali, was the product of a joint two-year activity NIITO Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk Oblast government, institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, IMTTS and ZAO "NEVZ-CERAMICS". Project was supported by RUSNANO.

"Everything went according to plan, we have already conducted a number of studies posleooperatsionnyh, fully supported by our experimental data, — said the head of the clinic neyroortopedii, neurosurgeon Alexander Krut’ko.- This suggests further clinical success of the introduction of a new implant. "

After surgery, Vitali, in his words, feels great, the pain was gone immediately, but after a few hours, he got up from the bed alone.

"If it were not for the experiment, the patient could write 15 March — said Alexander Krut’ko. — And so will need to conduct additional surveys. But I think this week we write. "

According to the director of the Novosibirsk NIITO Michael Garden, Ceramic Implants today mostly produced in Germany. But for Russia Novosibirsk development — the first one.

"The uniqueness lies not only in the technologies that we possess, — explained Garden.- The most important thing — it’s ceramics, the composition of which had to be repeated. Neither the Japanese nor the U.S. could not do. We have a process chain has been formed completely. Furthermore, we asked the experts’ NEVZ-CERAMICS "give implant characteristics, it is necessary for spine surgery. Now these products are interested not only Russian but also foreign clinics. "

Implants are made of ceramics stand out from the metal. First, they can grow into the bone tissue and create a solid unit. They are much more durable. The service life of the prosthesis — 20 years, while the metal needs to be changed twice as often. Furthermore, people with such implants can be carried out some research, contraindicated in patients with metal implants, such as magnetic resonance imaging.

"Today, a lot of implants made of ceramic, but few people engaged in their production. 93% of these products is made in Germany, — said General Director of "NEVZ-CERAMICS" Victor Medvedko.- Our challenge to the Russian market were presented products of domestic production. "

"When discussed the feasibility of such a product, we decided that its value should be 20% lower than the current market nowadays. Then the hospitals will show an interest in him ", — explained his part CEO of Innovative Medical Technology Center Catherine Mamonova.

If the ceramic implant costs an average of 40-50 thousand rubles, the price of the Novosibirsk analogue developers promise to establish in the framework of 15-25 thousand. Install implants to people who need it, will be on federal quotas for the patient it is completely free. In the near future is expected to begin clinical trials of another series of implants intended to replace a hip joint. Next in line — the knee joint.

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