Novovoronezh NPP-2 completed assembly building blocks of the dome of the building unit number 1

At the construction site of Novovoronezh NPP-2 (general designer and general contractor — JSC "AEP") completed assembly of metal domes inside the reactor containment building unit number 1.

Pre-assembled before further installation of metal structures on a regular place to ensure a high quality of works. 

Installation of the dome, which weighs more than 400 tons, is scheduled for the second quarter of this year. Steel structures will be installed in two phases — the sixth tier (with a mark of 44.1 to reach 51.7 meters) and seventh-eighth floor (with a mark of 51.7 to 61.7 meters). 

Containment dome of the reactor building consists of two parts (upper and lower) and contains important elements of the nuclear power plant safety systems. In particular, the passive heat removal system and a sprinkler system designed to reduce the pressure and temperature inside the containment in the event of an emergency. 

Also on the site ahead of schedule completed another important step — assembling the third tier (with a mark of 20.4 to 34.4) inside the containment building of the second reactor unit. Moreover, the experts carried out the work in a shorter time. This was made possible thanks to a pilot project for the manufacture, installation and concreting armoblokov inner containment. This project is implemented within the framework of the Production System "Rosatom". Its introduction has reduced production time armoblokov from 60 to 30 days of installation — from 90 to 40 days. Thus, the third tier of containment even with an optimized time was mounted ahead — for 37 days. 

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