Novovoronezh NPP power unit number 5 is plugged in after the completion of the modernization

September 18, 18 hours 24 minutes 14 turbine unit number Unit number 5 Novovoronezh nuclear power plant has been included in the network after the intervention to prolong life, testing the newly installed systems and equipment. Told the Public Information Center NVNPP.


The country’s first power unit with a reactor VVER-1000 unit was shut down for the work on the extension of the service period (PSE) September 25, 2010.

At power made an unprecedented amount of major works: the modernization of control systems and reactor protection systems of the emergency core cooling and emergency power, active elements of security systems, radiation monitoring systems, installation of additional safety systems and normal operation; equipment power diagnostic systems, the introduction of program- technical means to control systems and security systems normal operation. Has been replaced by a part of mechanical and electrical equipment.

As a result, the safety of the upgraded unit number 5, according to an in-depth safety assessment has significantly improved, and the additional service life increased by a further 25 years. The designated project 30-year operation of the power expired in 2010.

Operating personnel unit number 5 has studied the new equipment has been trained and the necessary knowledge tests.

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