Now available to all new pictures from the satellite Electro-L

Today again there is a reason to talk about the satellite Electro-L.

I hope that many already know about the Russian meteorological apparatus Electro-L, which is the third year running in the geostationary orbit. I have alreadyrepeatedlytalked about it, anddemonstratedthe results of his labors. Today will share one more positive news on the satellite.

First, a small digression in order to clarify the value of this event: Electro-L removes the visible disk of the Earth once every half hour, and his pictures are in the public domain. Therefore, they may engage in processing each. You can do video, SIFCO, desktop, free to download and print pictures.HereYou can find the program for Windows, which displays the images on the desktop.Here— Sign up for twitter robot that sends a new photo every day from orbit. In short, a satellite of the Earth gives beauty to all.

Pictures of him were available to all, but not all. The fact that the Electro-L is actually two operators FSA Roscosmos and the Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (Roshydromet). Roscosmos takes and puts satellite imagery through its subsidiary Science Center for Earth Operative Monitoring (NTSOMZ). RosHydromet receives and processes the images through FGBU "SIC "Planet. "

The problem was that some of the images during the day: 6:30 and 8:00 Moscow time NTSOMZ not accept, and therefore are not on theopen server. At this time the data is received in Novosibirsk in Siberia branch of "Planets".

Therefore, video and animations that were going through pictures NTSOMZ contain nasty jump in the coverage that is too noticeable, and disrupts the harmony of the observed perpetual motion of the Earth:

For the same reason, we could not see a trace of cloud Chelyabinsk meteorite, which he left in the morning sky, during his fabulous flight on February 15 at 7:20 am EDT. On the day of his shots from the satellites praised Europeans and Chinese

Electro-L has a better viewing angle, but a meteorite fell in the unfortunate "Novosibirsk" time, and try to get pictures of the official means of successnot crowned.

I had to settle for a sprawling shadow, removed after 8:30:

Pictures are not able to examine even the media.

However, a recent post on one of the admins group Electro-L Vkontakte received a letter:

Good afternoon. You are welcomed captures Michael, director of the scientific department SO FGBU "SIC" Planet. "Accidentally came across an article about Habré Electro-L. Quite frankly, was surprised by the existing problem of lack of information in the public domain for the 4th of" our "time. Pleased to have decided to correct "defect." In the end, finished the software and open a new output stream on our public FTP service. structure and content were trying to survive in a format NTs OMZ.

These began with the boot of September, so the February meteorite remained in the depths of Hydromet. On the other hand, we can finally make a smooth animation the daily movement of the sun.

I wrote to Michael with a request to put pictures for February 15, 2013. And he, even though he was on vacation, but turned to his colleagues who have added to the server for the desired file four hours.

And so, though after six months, but Chelyabinsk meteorite, view from above, from a distance of 36 thousand kilometers:

(In the upper left corner)

The picture captures a trail in the sky, which was formed after 10 minutes after a fall. It is evident that he is illuminated by the sun even when it is below the darkness, that is, is significantly higher than the cloud on the longitude.

  • image

If desired, from satellite imagery, you can determine the height of clouds formed, its thickness and length, to estimate the direction and place of the alleged fall of the celestial body. I remember in the early hours, and even days after the event — it was important questions that were fighting, both professionals and amateurs. But satellite images in the public domain was not. I do not know whether the data used Electro-L by our scientists, but something tells me this opportunity neglected.

Animation in a few hours.
(Blue dot — Chelyabinsk).

Now, finally, we are in the public domain, all pictures from the Electro-L. You can use them at their discretion. For example, it would be great to see similar types of weather websitesat24.comor something similar. (To realize this idea of the efforts of enthusiasts did not work, so I give that business idea) Pictures can be used in the design of facilities, especially schools is such a thing would not hurt. Well, I will continue to seek out his shots any good and / or interesting events and, if possible, to talk about it.

In conclusion, I want to thank Michael Zahvatova, for his decision to "correct the defect", all employees "SRC" Planeta "and NTSOMZ for having shared with us the results of the national system; NPO Lavochkin, for having built the Electro- L, and all staff involved in the space industry to create, launch and operation of the satellite.

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