Now, in Greece there is NekstTell

  • Mount Athos, Greece
  • Mount Athos, Greece

Dozens of offices in Russia, CIS and Greece, around 20 flights daily, hundreds of thousands of tourists a year — even difficult to imagine how the largest Greek tour operator Mouzenidis Travel cope with all this. Now imagine a number of telephone conversations with clients, hotels, insurance companies, guides, airports, etc. etc.

Until recently, the telecommunications service flows Mouzenidis Travel in Russia and the CIS, with varying success by multiple companies. While the IT department tour operator did not pay attention to the innovations of Russian telecom operator NekstTell.

It turned out that all of these magnificent mazes of communication can be combined into a single coherent system. Now the telephone all the offices in Russia and from Greece to Russia NekstTell provided by the company.

Powerful virtual PBX allows management — and this with pleasure and enjoys himself president Boris Mouzenidis Travel Mouzenidis — Supervise any manager at any time in any office of the tour operator. Experts NekstTell also introduced a scheme reduces the cost of calls from mobile phones on Russian Greek. All top managers, both in Russia and in Greece, equipped with direct Moscow phone numbers, allowing to dramatically increase the efficiency of decision-making, including in emergency situations.

The solution of the problem of paramount Mouzenidis Travel to improve the quality of service to our visitors and synergistically affect the economic viability of tourism and related businesses of the company. In the near future it is expected to open 20 additional offices Mouzenidis Travel in Russia.

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