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The paradoxical title of the article should not discourage the reader. Everyone knows that the world, as well as to God, there are no delays. However, according to some reports, the situation in the world leads to peace processes.


It is believed that the main cause of wars of conquest is the division of spheres of influence. The main cause of the civil war, is the need for reorganization of the state system, often preceded by a civil war revolution. That’s how the old doctrine. Now it seems that a lot has changed. Everyone remembers how CHapaev or Makar feeding dreamed of a world revolution? Perhaps there comes a moment when a new Makar feeding and still say, "Howe do u do the world bourgeoisie!"

In fact, a revolution in the world of U.S. planning for a long time, but as they say, does not reach the hands. When the crisis came into the world, and Putin put off the U.S. Russia, had to find another way of getting money. That’s where the thought of the East as an alternative to oil-rich Russia. This has happened before, when the contract with the East, the United States dropped the price of oil and thus bankrupted the Soviet Union. Now the Russian rail learned a lesson and Putin, of course, will not let anything happen to this in the future.

However, occurred in the world of war with the direct or indirect participation of the U.S., destroy the foundations of the state and destroy the centuries-old right of sovereignty. At some point, the U.S. began to realize that the task to reformat the entire world, like and very heavy. Perhaps, at some point, the U.S. would like to stop the beginning of the destructive process, but now it has, it seems, does not want the people of the countries over which outraged American politics. Recollecting himself, Kerry went again to resume negotiations between Palestine and Israel, but it is — not even the desire, but a necessity. No prospect of making peace in the East today is not, but on the background of the foreign losses, the Obama administration was simply podmyatoy oschelomlyayuschimi foreign policy news.

What’s in this case, Obama has made? As he tried to regain the lead? And the way! Stunned by the blows from all sides, Obama shamefully fled to Africa and not hearing from him no spirit. It looks like Putin drove Obama into a corner. Kerry also suddenly become so busy in Palestine, which also can not find the time to respond to foreign policy challenges. However, this is — probably the most intelligent behavior. This was previously written in our articles. It seems that the White House had the same opinion about what is happening, as well as fellow writers. Strictly speaking, nothing surprising in this. In the United States understands that the following news is always covered earlier. So after a moment you just need to wait for the next wave. The United States has not actively fight for the issuance of Snowden. Of course, minor functionaries will continue to move this issue, but the big issue of the podium Snowden may no longer work.

At the same time, the current "policy objects" and felt the weakness of the U.S. the same time decided to take advantage of it. For example, North Korea U.S. claims is simply not put in a penny. China has not even respond to the traditional weapons the United States — the lack of democracy. Iraq has not become a safe haven for U.S. citizens. Iran has failed to intimidate. Afghanistan is increasingly kicks ass leaving Americans. Yet the biggest challenge to the United States today is Syria. Those who supported the United States all the time, proved to be bloody animals. Now, they simply can not sustain, especially after militants posted a video network, where they beheaded Catholic priests.

After this turn of events just right to give America the hunt for these people, as has been done in regard to Bin Laden and whether the author of the U.S. president, necessarily would have done so. First, schools of these rabid dogs should be left without a leader, and has only a second, it is — a great PR move, which could begin to build a relationship with unfriendly to the United States the world. Actually the world as did the United States itself. Very often we hear the false claim that it is just the U.S., such that the world seems to be terrible. In fact, the world also became worse and bloodier, but the blame for this in the first place are the same dollars that cultivate virtue in all the films, and all sorts of skeletons and monsters drawn even grudnichkovye suits. What we are surprised in this case?

What is happening today is — only in response to the American challenge to the world. How would you like the assertion that the United States begin to secret arms rebels. It is known that Viktor Bout was a very serious time for unproven arms, which allegedly threatened the lives of American citizens. There is no evidence that the activities of Booth’s really threaten anyone and any proven loss of life was not American citizens. At the same time the supply of U.S. weapons in the conflict zone in Syria — a clear violation of international law.

This is where the question arises why the imaginary threat of possible sentence people to enormous maturity, but for real-sponsored murder and cannibalism to judge the U.S. government can not. Perhaps it would be wise to catch U.S. citizens who sit in Turkey and provide weapons and judge them as a judge for the Bout case instigated against him. The priority of the national legislation of the international — the basis of lack of jurisdiction and infallibility of the U.S., but here’s what’s happening in the world today. Senescent U.S. economy can no longer be silenced around the world.

In such a situation, sooner or later have to recognize the subordination of national laws with international legislation. Russia and the EU will certainly achieve it. Europe also actively hate the U.S., but until they get paid for her safety just falls overseas partner. Very soon all will be in the past. America will have to take their positions, and that’s when it will be possible to negotiate favorable terms. This applies to absolutely everyone and U.S. partners and enemies. On the opposite particularly strong not crush, and you can shlopotat, so opponents of the United States are waiting for a more opportune moment, knowing that this moment of every day is getting closer.

The changed world would be for the United States is not affectionate and this U.S. must prepare now. Will there be enough American politicians of wisdom — not a problem, of course, is not enough. While in the present policy of McCain, nothing good of American policy will not work, has to be the case here for the Americans themselves, but rely on the Americans there is no way. Even after 20 years, Americans do not feel the need for change. As long as there is work and there is no hunger, Americans will not change anything, the problem is that the changes are coming, but the Americans do not see them yet. At the same time, opposing U.S. states also do not see the need for dialogue to establish a reliable and legitimate world. That is, in the world no one is
interested, where did he come from?

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