Now the Northern Fleet officers receive 80,000 rubles

In the Northern Fleet began allowance payments for January. If you compare it to last year, we can see that the allowance has increased by 2 — 2.5 times. Now, Lieutenant, taking into account the allowances will receive 80 thousand rubles. Crew of Major Kabalova indoors pre-flight briefing before the flight gets final instructions. Forecasters warn that the flight will take place in difficult weather conditions — low clouds and wind. In addition, a large part of the flight will take place in the dark over the sea — in the north polar night just ended. At this time, the airfield technicians are trained to fly the Il-38. With the engine covers are removed in the last instance — that are too heavy frost aircraft engines must be protected. In the cockpit of the aircraft — the zero temperature. Pilots joke: "There is nothing, get warm over the Arctic Ocean." Their mission will last 8 hours — intelligence: the crew to go sailing along the maritime borders of Scandinavia in good nastroenii.Morskie pilots before the flight received higher salaries. "When the family peace, and come out on a flight with a different mood. Doing the work, and you do not think, for example, in the 90 — whether the money to his wife to postpone the boots, or spend on food — said the commander of the crew anti-IL-38 Dmitry bondage. — It is not enough at the time allowance. The current situation is very happy. " Pilots of the first naval aviation in the Northern Fleet received allowances for January. Someone got in comparison with last year is 2 times more, while others — including a premium — 2.5 times. Now, according to commanders in military aviation will be more to come promising youth. Pilots personnel problem is the basic for many years. "Raising money allowance should provide a stimulus for those who choose to obtain a profession — whether to go in the sun, protect the homeland," — says the assistant commander of the air base of the Northern Fleet Vladimir Maximov. While my father is on active duty, Nikita and Jan Kabalovy with her mother decide not less important question. Kabalovy always wanted to go on holiday abroad, but lacked the funds. Now the family knows how to spend his father’s salary: in the summer vacation family travel to Asia. "When we started in 1998 lieutenants, was different. Now everything has changed, — the wife of Major Dmitry Kabalova Elena. Who is pleasant to look at young families are able to plan their future and that can take care of the children. " In the Northern Fleet payments to servicemen just begun. The Defense Ministry promised that by the end of the day will receive all pay and allowances. The minimum wage lieutenant with the northern allowance will be about 80 thousand rubles.

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