Noyabr’sk — south gate of Yamal

Noyabr’sk located in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District in the 1000 km north-west of Tumen, 1065 km south-east from Salekhard in 2280 kilometers east of Moscow. Noyabr’sk — the city district subordination, the center of the oil industry.

The population of more than 115,000 residents, the first largest city district, one of the few Russian regional cities that exceed the administrative center of a federal subject (Salekhard) both in terms of population and industrial potential.

City Noyabr’sk located in the central part of the Siberian ridges, on the watershed of the rivers Ob and Poore, near Lake Tetu-Mammoth Tyay and Nanki-Pech River. Due to its geographical location the city has become the southern gateway to the district. Noyabr’sk passes through the railway line Tyumen — New Urengoy, a highway linking the Noyabr’sk with the Khanty-Mansiysk region and to the mainland, the airport. Advanced transport scheme makes available the south of the region providing material resources required for the sustenance of cities and towns Pur district, where over half of the volume of gas and about 90% of the volume of oil produced in the whole district. Home Noyabr’sk stories, like most cities in the Tyumen North, associated with oil and gas development. History Noyabr’sk linked to the history of development of Kholmogorsky oil field. The first exploration well on zaburennaya Kholmogorsk area, gave oil in 1973. In 1975, on the ice of the river Itu-Jaha landed the first helicopter assault force to begin commercial development Kholmogorsky field. Kholmogorskoye adjacent to it and the nearby Karamovskoye Muravlenkovskoye oil and gas fields have given life to the village, later named NOYABRSK. In winter 1976, he was identified only on maps designers. The place chosen for it is 8 km from the station of Peleus. In November 1976, eight kilometers from the station "Peleus" construction began railway station "The November", located on the line of Surgut — Urengoy. The November station settlement was registered in October 1977. Began the formation of village infrastructure. Was formed by the Council of Deputies, opened a school. By the end of 1977, the population has exceeded 1,500 people. Early next year, the Novembre, there were eight streets, working post office, medical center, two shops. In May 1978, was completed w / d line Kogalim — The November, and the station "November’s" first train arrived. At the end of 1978, began operating Vyngapurovskoye gas field. Was commissioned runway. The November air has connected with Surgut and the village Tarko-Sale. Regular traffic on w / d line Surgut — Noyabr’sk opened in 1979. Continued improvement of the settlement and development of infrastructure. Clinic and opened a music school. April 8, 1982, in accordance with the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, the industrial community The November Pur district was transformed into the city Noyabr’sk district command. Put into operation the first five-story building. Currently, oil production and gas production play a key role in the economy Noyabr’sk. Leading enterprises: JSC "Gazprom Neft-NNG", LLC "Gazprom mining Noyabr’sk" November’s management of pipelines, LLC "Surgutgazprom" November’s management of main oil pipelines of JSC "Sibnefteprovod", Schlumberger, Ltd. "November’s gas processing complex" (Sibur) DOAO "Surgutelektrogaz "Service Drilling Company, etc. In 1999, November’s City Council decided to introduce a chronology from the first mention of the village in the annals. City Noyabr’sk was founded in 1975 when the ice of the river Itu-Jaha landed the first helicopter landing to start would Kholmogorsky field — the first step in the development of a new oil region of the November. The new office of "Gazprom mining Noyabr’sk" Square of Memory and the Temple of Archangel Michael. Great Mosque. City Park. Street Holmogorskya. Temple of Archangel Michael. Lenin Street. Fire Tower. OAO "Gazprom Neft-Noyabrskgazdobycha" TP "Kholmogorneft." Central office "Neft-Noyabrskgazdobycha." The administration of the city. Library. The hotel "Europe" Residential building in Sovetskaya street. The old part of the city. Airline. Cinema "RUS". Old office "Gazprom mining Noyabr’sk." City Center. Sovetskaya Street. The new soccer field. JSC "November electrical networks." Administration Noyabr’sk.

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