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It is no secret that in Europe and America, the crisis has not ended, and some countries are immersed in it even more. So I’m very proud of Russia: the crisis we went easier, we have overcome his long and far ahead evidenced by dozens of positive news published daily on the website. Regularly publishes reviews of the development of cities, but most of them are large regional centers, or they are nation-wide settings, or they are preparing for a major anniversaries. And what happens in the province, and even in the north?
It is believed that the oil and gas town has always been and will be prosperous and wealthy, but this is only partly true. Undoubtedly, the crisis of the 90 oil and gas in the North went very well, but the global economic crisis has hit them hard enough.
Signs of crisis in Noyabr’sk appeared in early 2008. This was evidenced by the collapse of construction in the city: in 2008, the city has not laid any new home, just finish building the house started in 2007, stopped road maintenance and improvement.
In 2009 Noyabr’sk generally produced a depressing effect. The city abandoned all buildings, except for ABC Gazprom and several shops. Of the houses are not built any, even though at the time of default of housing built, though not much. 2010 town and met with no ice at all the town, there was no money for the traditional contest illumination. The situation seemed hopeless …

But enough of the bad news, because thanks to the efforts of the administration of the city and the region’s other manifestations of the crisis on the Yamal Peninsula have been avoided. Constantly working the crisis staffs, developed a variety of programs that are, I think, have been very effective. Otherwise, do not explain the remarkable changes that have occurred in Noyabr’sk, and generally in Yamal, in just the last two years.

"Killed" building complex made a sharp spike and now the pace of development in the Yamal Peninsula are comparable to the 80-mi years, when constructing new cities.
In this article I will talk about a small part of what is done in three post-crisis years.

Let’s start with the examination Noyabr’sk main object of any city — the hospital. Yamal — one of the few regions of Russia, in which the natural increase of the population did not stop with the fall of the Soviet Union, but because of small populations District was not included in the federal program of construction of perinatal centers. Regional authorities decided to build a modern perinatal center in the home, a place for him in the chosen Noyabr’sk.

Perinatal center has 162 seats. The building will house a consultative-diagnostic, obstetric, gynecological, pediatric units, the separation of fetal surgery, infant resuscitation. Residents of the region will be available IVF and genetic counseling. First pile scored in August 2011, in the early summer of 2013 and be completed finishing work will begin installation of the equipment. Release Date scheduled for the end of 2013, six months ahead of schedule.

Another entity — the district center to fight against AIDS and infectious diseases. The building began to build in the summer of 2011, is now complete finishing of the building, the equipment is being installed. AIDS center will open too early, in mid-summer. Units scattered around the city to gather in one building, located here: Department of Preventive outreach, emergency room, medical-diagnostic department with 50 beds, operating theaters, a day hospital with 30 beds, laboratories, administrative and service premises. In addition to HIV here will treat viral hepatitis, and other infectious diseases and allergies.

Special attention is given to development in sports, for 2010-12. opened many sports facilities, construction of several more.

In September of last year launched the UK "Zenit". It offers residents a swimming pool, large sports, 2 gyms, fitness rooms, an infrared sauna. For people with disabilities to equip a small swimming pool with a special lift.

The area of "Zenith" 8000 m2, due to the lack of free land in the center, suitable for the construction of a large sports center, its located next to the old SOC th, opened in 2000. Teamed up, they will give a synergistic effect.

Over the last 2 years have opened a dozen mini-football fields throughout the city. True to their New Year celebrations did not have time to clear the snow and many were deserted.

In the spring, after the small imperfections, will open a new citywide Stadium.

Last summer, the building was reconstructed court and "Hockey" school. Skating rink, soccer field and in the summer, is available to everyone.

The means of "Gazprom mining Noyabr’sk" to the CSC "Torch" attached indoor ice facility.

On the street of Victor Tsoi resumed construction of a sports complex.

In 2010 he opened the Phase 1 Zone activities to the ski slope, ice rink and rental equipment.

In the neighborhood began to build a huge cultural and sports complex, this 2nd phase of active recreation areas. I promise that it will be the largest in the Tyumen region, wait and see. Well, now we know that at 30,000 m2 will accommodate: Olympic 50-meter swimming pool, ice rink with bleachers, gym, movie theater, shooting, bowling and more.

Question and decided to ice palace "Kholmogorets", after the reconstruction it will develop volleyball, soccer and extreme sports. In the same year, will begin to build a new ice rink "Vanguard".

Develops and education of the city, last January opened a new kindergarten for 80 people, another for 120 people is being built in the center of the city.

The new building was put into high school in 2012, there are 2 swimming pools and a winter garden.

The development of any city characterizes the housing, and the pace at Noyabr’sk striking. Simultaneously, under construction 35-apartment buildings for the 2013-14 years, the city will build 4,000 apartments.

In the spring of 2012, for the first time since the 80’s, started the construction of a new neighborhood. For resettlement of slum housing by the end of 2014 in the district number 8, 9 built seven-storey buildings with a total of ten sectional area of 150 thousand m2 of finished turn key. Here dwell 2,800 families, the first houses are already in the year.

3 homes are under construction, under the hammer in the other pile and prepare foundations. When the whole neighborhood has been built here will settle 130 houses of four old districts, which is more than 8000 people!

Swipe like Komsomol construction, when in the forest grew new cities.

Well-known in the town entrepreneur and philanthropist established building low-cost houses, apartments in them buys Administration for settlers from dilapidated housing. On the construction of a 3-storey house for sale turnkey takes only 8 months. Home, though rustic in appearance, but their main advantage is the ceiling height — 315 cm

Anywhere and without infill development.

Finally completed the construction of a residential building in Sovetskaya street. This panel house began to build in the Soviet Union and after a long hiatus, with varying degrees of success finally turned into a castle.

Another positive trend is emerging in the industry, in addition to growth in hydrocarbon production in the last three years in the city every year, a new production: in 2010, launched November’s combined cycle power plant (NPGE) in 2011 NGL loading dock, in September 2012, the Vyngapurovsky gas processing plant. All businesses utilize associated gas for the benefit of the economy and the environment, due to them in 2013, the share of processed associated gas will be 95%, in the vicinity of gas torches were extinguished.

Construction of the November combined cycle power plant did not prevent even the economic crisis, it is set up in July 2010, invested 3 billion rubles of private investment. NPGE today is considered one of the most effective, not only in Russia but also in the world! 124 MW power station, there are plans for the construction of stage 2 of doubling capacity.

Because of the power plant formed a warm, frost-free lake. The steam from his suburban forests creates fabulous views.

Next to NPGE neighborhoods being built P-7 and P-8, which is 15 three and four houses with a new kindergarten.

A great contribution to the development of Noyabr’sk made "Gazprom" building in the center of the new building next to ABA and smashing good square.

Ends square foundation stone, the inscription on it reads — "There will be a monument to the pioneers of the North." The monument is ready, it will set the summer.

On the Prospect of Peace, in the MVD, built new housing ATC.

In the neighborhood of completing reconstruction DYUTS "Cadet", the main center of patriotic education of the youth of the Yamal.

NOYABRSK only 37 years old, there is no culture, or historical or outstanding natural attractions — tourism potential is low. Under these conditions, doubly surprised active development of hotel business. To the already existing two dozen hotels for a couple of years added 3 brand new and some renovated.

The former departmental hotel "Holiday" after reconstruction acquired, though not superb, but it’s a decent look.

In the renovated hotel "Forest" is difficult to find a building built in the 80s, and only some well-renovated facade.

In summer, will continue repairing the hotel "Star Yamal", in the fall only managed to plaster the walls. I hope that the original cruciform building Soviet-built after the repair will take an even more spectacular view.

The largest of the built — the hotel "Europe" is carrying a mini-park.

Built hotel-restaurant complex in Sovetskaya street.

A new hotel and entertainment complex "White Mountain" is located in a forested area. While this is unique to the Yamal project, housed in several buildings: a hotel, a restaurant, a sauna, there is a rental skates, skis, tubing.

Among the pines filled roller.

There is here and the second in a ski descent.

Along the descent built guest houses.

Riding can contemplate the vast Siberian ridges in the rays of the sun in January.

Much attention is paid to the existing social facilities. Repaired almost all institutions of secondary and vocational education. Typical buildings have to give us something different, here are the latest ones:

Gymnasium № 1

School number 8

  • Training college

    Trade school

    From pre-school education situation worse, but work is being done — d / s "brook".

    After the repair has opened a children’s clinic and a youth club "Contemporary".

    One of the buildings of children’s art school.

    Particularly noteworthy accomplishment Noyabr’sk in 2012 by local artists created many monuments.

    Monument "Yamal" is set in the center of the city, near the eponymous CSC. In the monument of local sculptor (K.Nikiforov) united all the characters of the region. At the top of the globe, symbolizing the North, there are two mammoth, they represent the prehistoric past of the Yamal land. Mammoths keep the boat (the symbol of the development of Siberia by Cossacks) is in the form of the sacred bird of the Nenets — grouse. But the mast and flag as a gas pipe and the flame is already present.

    The symbols of the Arctic region in the square in front of / Railway station Peleus (November 2).

    The sculpture "Eternal Love" from the updated registry office.

    At the cinema "Rus" placed a dozen wooden sculptures based on Russian fairy tales and the Nenets.

    On the 200th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War is a monument to "Bread of our memory."

    In 2012, completed the formation of the ensemble at the Intelligence Center, for the song "Man — reading," added another four sculptures: Books, Don Quixote, Baron Munchausen, Romeo and Juliet.

    He waited for the restoration and the oldest monument in the city — "Mother and Child".

    Area Memory supplemented with cannons.

    In the park area of the private sector have organized an ethnographic museum. It is true during the holiday season there was deserted, Nenets left into the forest.

    In Caral I met a deer, but usually there lives a whole herd.

    In the "eighties" years, when much of the city, the facades of most of the houses were painted in bright colors. During the nineties and the first half of zero Soviet paint peeled off, the bright image of the city faded. Five years ago, the majority of panel houses were shabby, collapsing plaster on brick houses.

    Seriously at this problem took in 2006, and now in this region there was a crucial turning point — at the expense of the three budgets (city, county, federal) annually repaired dozens of homes, for about two hundred houses have a new look.

    Brick houses sheathe siding.

    Sometimes, too bright.

    Panel houses mostly paint in the traditional color scheme for the North.

    Use and more soothing colors.

    Some prefabricated homes insulated.

    Do not hold back, I put in a few favorite new shopping centers.

    I first saw hypermarket in its own building.

    The next two memorable lack of ubiquitous siding.

    After strolling around the city you can find dozens of positive little things such as new lights, benches, light boxes on poles, miles of decorative fencing along the streets, and more. From all of these things together are a good impression about the city. Too bad that does not come in the summer, the city has always had an abundance of flower beds, but the last few years simply unimaginable number! A couple of years planted Tulips and that In the far north!!!

    Last year, the municipal fleet of 20 low-floor buses filled with domestic production, which is not good.

    RS I have not been in 4 years and despite the fact that 2 of them occurred in the stagnation, has done an impressive amount, it is now radically different city. Noyabr’sk gained good momentum of development in all sectors, from social services to industrial production and landscaping. It is winter, so in the article, I could not tell about the development of housing and road construction, but here the situation well, such as the volume of repair of roads and yards in 2012 exceeded the peak level of 2005. The nature of changes now eliminates the concept of "vremenschiny" Noyabr’sk here to stay, and in the near future, the complete elimination of housing since the development of the North and a host of interesting projects …

    Thank you!

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