NPF Megamash has developed a new set of corking


Scientific and Production Company "Megamash" realized and put into operation a project for JSC "Chemical Plant Stupinsky."
Specialists of "Megamash" developed a closure system based on automatic closure MM4 and MM8 conveyor system. A feature of this project was to bottle neck axis which extends at an angle to the vertical axis of the bottle.
The entire order — from designing and writing software to commissioning was carried NPF employees’ Megamash ". In addition, during the project components used Long Life of NPF "Megamash."
In addition to fully automate the process of filing a two-component plugs from the pump into the tank capping, orientation cork on a bottle of her dressing and capping complex is equipped with the following systems and functions:

system "machine vision" exercises control over the availability of the lid on the bottle corking and quality control (matching the seam on the injection molding bottle label on the tube)
the right to make additional monitoring parameters, such as color detection tubes and further sorting of bottles,
Automatic culling capping bottles at marriage is on the take-away conveyor automatically and without human intervention,
controlled time capping
security system in accordance with EC rules.

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