NPF Perspective shipped boiler control system of boiler Parnas-4

NPF "Perspective" manufactured and shipped to an automated process control system of boiler number 3 (boiler E-50-14-250GM) boiler-house "Parnas-4" SUE "TEK SPb" Saint-Petersburg ". Equipment automated control system has stood the pilot studies referred to the testing program, has been tested for completeness and performance. Upon completion of the testing equipment was considered fit for supply to the boiler house Parnas-4.

The automated process control system (PCS) is made of boiler based on a single program-technical complex (PTC) "Apogee" TU4252-003-27462912-04 using software and hardware platforms Simatic PCS7 from Siemens.

The boiler control system is implemented as a single functionally complete set, including technical, algorithmic, information, software, and other software. Program-technical complex is built in the form of a two-tier management system:

· The upper level should ensure the implementation of mapping information, remote process control, remote system configuration, logging, archiving, calculations, etc.

· The lower level is required to implement the functions of collection, initial processing of input signals, automatic control, regulatory, technological protection and blocking.

The upper and lower levels control system integrated local area network.

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