NPO Discharge has completed the delivery and installation of equipment at the Siberian Chemical Plant

In December, "NPO Discharge", a portfolio company of RVC Seed Fund has completed the delivery and installation of equipment at its first contract — "The development, production and delivery to the site of the reactor plant JSC" Siberian Chemical Combine "pilot plant electric pulse destruction of reinforced concrete structures". The contract value amounted to 3.6 million rubles.

"NPO Discharge" is engaged in the development and production line equipment for industrial waste-free processing of sub-standard or outdated concrete structures in recyclable building materials.

In Russia annually produce 6,000,000 tons of waste concrete and reinforced concrete (in the world — 650 million tons). In addition, it is already in the dumps have accumulated a number of secondary raw materials, waste which would yield more than 1.5 million tons of steel and 40 million tons of recycled rubble. The waste formed mainly of:

defective products factories producing reinforced concrete structures (JBK);
substandard concrete structures damaged during transportation or construction activities;
catenary poles and transmission towers, released during the reconstruction of the routes and are not suitable for re-use;
road and pavement slabs, manholes, curbs, light poles, etc., replacement of the repair or construction of roads;
JBK scrap generated during the demolition of dilapidated housing, housing as well as unfinished.

Of the total volume of concrete waste is recycled annually in Russia is not more than 5%, the rest — were brought to the specialized landfills. As a result, the company, with production activities that generate waste JBK (DSK and concrete plants, construction companies, demolition companies, branches of JSC "Russian Railways", etc.), have to bear the shipping costs for waste collection, to pay for the disposal of waste at the landfill and pay an environmental fee for a negative fiscal impact on the environment.

Recycling and using waste in the production of reinforced concrete, it is possible to reduce production costs and free up land area currently used as a landfill, so — to significantly improve the environmental situation.


In contrast to all existing not only in Russia but also in the ways of the world of recycling, innovative method of "NPO Discharge" is not based on mechanical breakdown and destruction of the material on the influence of an electric discharge in the aquatic environment that allows you to:
at times to increase the life of equipment (electric discharge, by definition, do not break and blunt unlike mechanical cutters);
get the whole, completely cleaned of concrete reinforcement, and not twisted metal (price of admission which is 4 times lower than the market price of the fittings).

Roman Ivashov, General Director of "NGOs" Discharge ": "We are quite a long way behind the first contract: work on the project began in 2008. It is noteworthy that at the time of delivery of the equipment we have completed research and development stage of a new, more perfect setting, so we have agreed with the factory installed on their site and modules of the new model for testing. That is, the plant, on the one hand, received the installation, and on the other — will help us to refine the product, for which we are grateful to the management and employees of the factory ".

Alexei Teleshev, director of RVC Seed Fund: "We are pleased with the fact that the products of our portfolio company purchased so powerful and demanding customer. With this contract, the company begins to actively enter the Russian market and we wish her good luck and perseverance on this important and very delicate phase of development. "

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