NPO Energomash signed a contract to supply the U.S. 30 rocket engines

Russian Scientific and Production Association "Energomash" for five years in the United States will send about 30 rocket engine RD-180 for the Atlas-5 rocket, the executive director of NGO Vladimir sun.

"We signed in December 2012 a five-year contract to supply 30 engines," — he said, "Interfax".

The signing of the contract will allow the company to get a guaranteed capacity utilization, said the Sun. The agreement with Lockheed Martin provides delivery to the U.S. for U.S. Atlas rockets 101 RD-180 engine made by NPO "Energomash".

To date, said the sun in the United States supplied 63 engine, 40 of them have been used.

Russian RD-180 engine in the mid-1990s, the United States won the tender announced by the two American and one European firms. The RD-180 is designed based on the RD-170 used on the launch vehicle (LV), "Energy" and "Zenith". Unlike quad RD-RD-170 engine 180 has two combustion chambers and a new lower power turbopump assembly driven by a single gas generator. Thrust RD-180 is 400 tons.

Complete assembly of the RD-180 is to "Energomash." The combustion chambers are supplied in Khimki from Samara, special steel — from Chelyabinsk. The work cycle of the assembly of one engine is an average of 16 months.

The first production engine RD-180 was raised in the United States January 2, 1999.

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