NPO. Frunze arranged for a large supply of Gazprom mining Urengoj

Scientific and Production Association. Frunze (Sumy) has agreed to supply the company "Gazprom mining Urengoj" (a subsidiary of the company "Gazprom", Russia) 8 centrifugal compressors with a capacity of 16 MW each, until 2012, says the report NPO. Frunze.

"Sumy. MV Frunze "design and manufacture for a subsidiary of OAO" Gazprom "- LLC" Gazprom mining Urengoj "- Centrifugal compressors with sets of modular equipment," — said in a statement.

The equipment is designed to equip the booster compressor station (BCS) Pestsovaya Urengoy gas field.

Also as part of the contract will be supplied a set of modular equipment to each compressor.

Shipment of products will take place in two stages: the first four compressors are already in production and will be delivered in July-September this year.

The rest of the equipment will be sent to the DCS Pestsovaya Urengoy field at the end of 2012

Specialists of the company, with extensive experience in permafrost conditions, perform supervision of equipment at the facility.

As reported, the company "NPO. Frunze ", founded in 1896, is one of Europe’s leading machine-building complexes for the production of equipment for the oil, gas and chemical industries. 83.7% of NPO. Frunze owned Stremvol Holdings Limited (Cyprus).

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