NPO Lavochkin (Moscow reg.) Will make adapters for nano-satellites Daura

Lavochkin develop for Russian private space firm "Dauria Aerospace" special adapter that allows output nanosatellites CubeSat standard for upper stage "Fregat" — the treaty signed by the end of July, told RIA Novosti the "Daura".

In December 2012 "Dauria Aerospace" won the tender and the Russian Space Agency has received a contract worth 310 million rubles, provides for the launch of two nano-satellites MCA-N (small spacecraft nanoklassa). On two satellites will be installed fotosemochnaya equipment that will record using the Earth’s surface with a resolution of about 20 meters. 

The project will create Lavochkin NPO universal adapter that will launch canisters placed "Daura" on boosters "Frigate", which produces NGOs. Universal launch canisters by "Daur", allow you to run the nano-and micro-satellites dimension from 1U (one "cube" with sides of 10 cm), up to 6U (the unit of six of these "blocks").

"The use of such containers will carry Russian Space Agency launches of spacecraft CubeSat, which are created in Russia for educational and scientific purposes. In addition, become possible commercial launches of spacecraft standard CubeSat. The first launch of the two nano-satellites under the state contract with the new adapter is planned for 2015, along with the "Meteor-M No. 2-2," — said the source.

Dauria Aerospace, founded by a former owner of a chain "Technosila" Michael Kokorich, in 2012, became a resident of the "Skolkovo". Company developing small spacecraft. As previously reported by its CEO, originally the main customer of the company will Roskosmos, but later Dauria Aerospace expects to sell satellite services and operate spacecraft for private clients.

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