NPO. SA Lavochkin: Made protoletnaya model observatory Spectrum-RG

Lavochkin produced the so-called "protoletnuyu" model orbital astrophysical observatory "Spectrum-X-Gamma" ("Spektr-RG") designed to study the universe in gamma-and X-ray spectral ranges. In accordance with the comprehensive plan land-experimental testing, product testing has been completed Analog spacecraft (Observatory), as well as testing of the product for vibrostaticheskih tests noted on the site of the enterprise. To date, the NGO made the so-called "protoletnaya" model of the spacecraft. The preparation for its transfer to the control and test station for elektroradiotehnicheskih tests. The product is fully staffed, with the exception of the radio complex, which is presented in a technological version. The Institute of Space Research Institute (IKI) Russian Academy of Sciences is working on the production of the sample telescope ART-XC for the observatory "Spektr-RG". The second telescope (in the observatory "Spektr-RG") eROSITA, manufactured by the Max Planck Institute (Germany), while an electrical simulator. In the near future are expected to visit the staff at the Max Planck Institute (NPO Lavochkin in) to conduct joint tests. Launch vehicle observatory "Spektr-RG" — fairing, adapter section, adapters and separation systems — has now been made. Scheduled for April next council of chief designers of the project "Spektr-RG". The orbital astrophysical observatory "Spektr-RG" is designed to study the universe in gamma-and X-ray spectral range. It will be launched in the Lagrange point L2, which is balanced by the gravity of the Moon and the Earth, and become the first Russian machine at this point. Earlier it was reported that "Spektr-RG" will be launched in 2014.

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