NPOZvezda announced about the final test of the new on-board oxygen supply system

Russian fighter of the 5th generation will be presented at the MAKS-2011 Photo from

Fighter T-50 "Dry" is equipped with advanced computerized life-support systems, including systems with an unlimited supply of breathing oxygen and compensation systems overload.

Scientific and Production Enterprise "Star" announced about the final test of the new on-board oxygen supply system. Such a system will be installed on all existing fighter aircraft of the Russian Federation, including export models.

Unlike devyanostokilogrammovyh oxygen cylinders, new generator weighs about thirty pounds.

"Oxygen is produced from the air, the system takes it out of the compressor motor and provides a breathing mask. Flight time is no longer dependent on the supply of oxygen," — said the chief specialist of the "Stars" Michael Angelica.

Angelica said that the system was designed five years. Now all four prototypes of T-50 PAK FA is equipped with a new system of supplying oxygen to the plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, and at the moment they are being tested. Fifth generation fighters crossed the entire country without oxygen tanks on board.

Previously, the Soviet and Russian aircraft used filled with oxygen cylinders — old but proven technology. However, it imposes certain limitations on the duration of the task. The pilot had to constantly monitor not only fuel but also the level of oxygen, since the height of four kilometers and above have nothing to breathe. Excessive consumption of oxygen and leakage may result in termination of the important mission.

Now, every Air Force airfield equipped with stations for the production of oxygen.

By fighter T-50 is attached a brand new suit with the ability to compensate for overloads nine times within thirty seconds. Such opportunities may be needed during the missile evasion. Unique antiperegruzochny suit designed by the same company "Star" and allows to eject at an altitude of 23 kilometers.

On-board computer predicts the level of congestion and to avoid delayed reaction at high loads. Costume riddled with special flexible tubes that support the body of the pilot. During periods of congestion compensation system are beginning to pump cavity costume, as well as under pressure to supply oxygen to the breathing mask pilot. In this pilot light inflated inside, and thus offset the external pressure on the thorax.

"This development — our know-how, while nobody in the world could design such a system," — said Angelica.

CVTs "Technology" developed a new special gold cover for the cockpit of a fighter. It allows up to two hundred and fifty times lower probability of detection by radar, as well as protects the pilot from electromagnetic radiation and solar radiation.

Coating consists not only of gold. Its structure also includes indium and tin. The coating is applied to the cab by means of special magnetic techniques.

The use of domestic electronics was a prerequisite for the fifth generation fighter.


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