NPP Elemer expanded lineup of the portable

pressure calibrator

In the "NPP" Elemer "is developed and put into production a portable pressure calibrator Elemer-PKD-160. This product is designed to play and pressure measurement of electrical signals and DC current signals of pressure transducers reference PDE-010.

Distinctive features of Elemer-PKD-160 are:

  • minimizing the necessary operations and loads on the verification officer at a comparable affordable price calibrator;
  • No mechanical pressure generating source (pump, press): The pressure is created by using the controls on the front panel, refillable compressed air cylinder or compressor;
  • in addition to the playing source of pressure, the unit has a built-in multi-gauge-measuring device, a power supply 24/36 V for 4-PD subjects, while the calibrator is not a complicated set of (complex) of equipment and requires no additional assembly operations, the unit is ready at any time to work, has a durable metal housing, or can be embedded in a hard carrying case, protected against dust and moisture;
  • Pressure Calibrator Elemer-PKD-160 can play back pressure up to 16 MPa, which is unattainable option for portable pneumatic pumps.

Opportunities calibrator:

  • reproduction and measurement of pressure — 1 or 2 channels;
  • measurement of electrical signals DC current — 4 galvanically isolated channels with power 24/36 V;
  • Play electrical signals DC current — 1 electrically isolated from the power supply channel 24/36 V;
  • relay testing — 2 channels;
  • Automatic comparison of readings with a standard error of calculation and test equipment;
  • archiving results with the possibility to carry USB-flash carrier;
  • Calibration data transfer to a PC via USB-port;
  • external software "ARM (workstation) PKD-160";
  • the creation and printing of protocol verification.

The composition of the calibrator:

  • Portable Pressure Calibrator (Elemer-PKD-160);
  • reference pressure modules (PDE-010 (I));
  • combs for connecting test equipment and choke flanges, desktop unit;
  • jumper cables, hoses, fittings transition;
  • additional external sources of pressure;
  • personal computer (PC) software (software).

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