NPRI has received a certificate for rail cars

Novokuznetsk Car Building Plant (JSC "NPRI") received a certificate for a gondola car model 12-9850 18-9800 on the truck model, and with it the right to produce the initial batch of 210 pieces.
This four-unloading wagon with hatches and an axial load of 25 tons of force, which has certain structural features and benefits such as: increased service life of up to 32 years to run depot repair 500 kilometers., Increased body capacity of up to 90 m.

In Russia it is the first car with the body volume. It is interesting primarily coal miners because its use would greatly increase the economic efficiency of transport.
Now of "NPRI" passes the certification process similar to the gondola car model 12-9850-01 trolley Motion Control, which will start mass production in 2013.

JSC «Novokuznetsk wagon works" — Young (founded in February 2008), the rapidly growing company. In 2011 the total was produced in 2889 gondola model 12-9085, which is 110% more than the previous one, and in the plans for 2012? produce 4,800 wagons.
According to the Department of Industry, Trade and Entrepreneurship of the Kemerovo region of "NPRI" is the leader of the engineering industry of the Kemerovo region in terms of growth and production.

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