NS Verhoturie returned to the Navy updated

Missile submarine strategic (SSBN) "Verhoturie" became part of the submarine of the Northern Fleet after repairs at the shipyard "Ship Repair Center" asterisk ", said on Wednesday the head of the press service of the Northern Fleet Captain 1st Rank Vadim Serga.

"Missile submarine made the transition to Gadzhievo from Severodvinsk, where he was in the military shipyard repair" Ship Repair Center "asterisk". During repair, "Verkhoturye" shipbuilders military shipyard was completed about hundreds of implementations that improve the performance characteristics of the ship, "- said V.Serga.

According to him, in Gadzhievo ceremony of the meeting, which was attended by Chief of Staff of the Northern Fleet, Rear Admiral Nikolai Evmenov, representatives of the command submarine of the Northern Fleet.

"Return to the combat strength of the SSBN" Verhoturie "enhance the capability of the Northern Fleet, will more intensively and efficiently meet the challenges of combat training of submarine forces of the Federation Council," — said Rear Admiral Nikolai Evmenov.

"Verhoturie" — nuclear-powered strategic submarine of Project 667 BDRM "Dolphin". It was built in 1984 at the "Sevmash" in Severodvinsk, received the Navy December 30, 1984. The submarine was the lead ship in a series of submarines of this type, built from 1981 to 1992. One of the most significant events in the biography of the cruiser began a campaign in 1987 to the Arctic. In this Sept. 15, 1987 "Verhoturie" carried surfacing at the North Pole.

APL has a length of 160 m, width — 12 m, displacement of about 18 tons. Maximum depth — 400 m, cruising speed under water — up to 24 knots (44.5 km / h). The main armament — 16 launchers of intercontinental ballistic missiles, "The blue". All of them are the basis of marine nuclear component of the Armed Forces of Russia.

This is the second ship of Project 667 BDRM, who returned to the Northern Fleet in recent years. In August 2012 Battle of the Northern Fleet joins SSBN "Novomoskovsk", also past repairs and upgrades to the "star".
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