NSN will ship to fall to a warehouse in Europe, 2.5 thousand LTE base stations


TOMSK, May 10. "Center of wireless technology" (a joint venture Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) and JSC "Scientific and Production Company" Micran ") that launched in Tomsk, Russia’s first production base stations of mobile communications standard LTE, will ship before the end of the summer in the European logistics center in Roosendaal (Netherlands) about 2.5 to thousands of stations, said Thursday the deputy director of development for Anton Mikhalev.

NSN and "Micran" opened a production base stations on the technology Long Term Evolution (LTE), claimed the world’s leading telecom operators in the Tomsk SEZ in early December 2011. The enterprise was established for the production of base stations not only for sales in Russia, but also for deliveries abroad. Among the potential customers of products — Russian and foreign mobile operators. The cost of a single base station is 5 to 30 thousand euros per station, depending on the configuration.

According Mikhaleva, since the establishment of the joint venture produced about two thousand base stations Flexi Multiradio.

"With the opening of the plant and to date we have shipped to Europe, about 1.2 thousand base stations. Rather, over the summer we will double this figure. Part of products designed for Russian customers in the warehouse in Tomsk," — said Mihaliov.

The press service of NSN agency explained that the base stations that are sent to Holland, the operator can be anywhere in the world, but with the logistic point of view, it is likely that it will be the European countries.

Mihaliov also told RIA Novosti that just before the end of the year at the plant in Tomsk will collect about 10,000 pieces of equipment. The company also plans to set up large-scale production equipment power stations 50,000 a year, but, according to the deputy head of the "Center of wireless technology," time extension shifted from spring to autumn 2012. Now the company employs one assembly line production equipment.

"In 2013 in Tomsk will operate two production assembly line and increase product range, we will make additional units of base stations. Moreover, in addition to the assembly stations on the new manufacturing facility will also be used and the assembly of printed circuit boards," — said Mihaliov.

The press service of NSN said that the share of the joint venture company in Tomsk now accounts for 75%, "Mikranu" owns 25%. It is assumed that in 2012, the project will enter a "RUSNANO" with a share of 25% of the shares. Thus, the NSN will be 50% of the shares.

LTE technology was created to supply the growing needs of subscribers of wireless communication networks in the mobile data services. Officially, neither technology LTE, nor any other has not yet been approved by the International Telecommunications Union as the standard of the fourth generation 4G. Existing in the world LTE-equipment supports connection speeds of several tens of megabits per second.

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