NSSP handed fifth vessel project RSD49

September 11 signed Acceptance Certificate for customer self-propelled cargo vessel with deadweight of 7150 tons of the project RSD49 "NEVA-LEADER 5", built on the «Nevsky Shipyard".

This is the fifth ship in a series of 10 bulk carriers being built for the JSC "North-Western Shipping Company." The project is developed by "Marine Engineering Bureau — Design — St. Petersburg"

Nevsky Plant gave the customer has 4 dry cargo vessel of the project. Today, ships of the project RSD49 deliver general cargo from ports in Northern Europe in Russian river ports and sea ports of southern Europe. In the period from November 2012 to July 18, 2013 the first three vessels have transported 170 tons of cargo.

Key Features:

LOA — 139.95 m
Overall width — 16.7 m
Depth — 6.0 m
Deadweight in the river (draft 3.6 m) — 4520 m
Deadweight (draft 4.7 m) — 7150 m
Capacity of cargo holds — 10,920 m3
Power plant — 2400 kW
Service speed — 11.5 knots
Class of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping: KM Ice2 R2 AUT1-C

The lead ship of the project RSD49 "Neva-Leader 1" (Yard number 401) was laid down on 14.12.10. The descent took place on 20.05.12. Rented 26.11.12.

The second ship of the project RSD49 "Neva-Leader 2" (Yard number 402) was laid down on 20.04.11. The descent took place on 26.06.12. Rented 12.11.12.

The third vessel of RSD49 "Neva-Leader 3" (Yard number 403) was laid down on 15.08.11. The descent took place on 10.10.12. Rented 16/05/13.
The fourth vessel of RSD49 "Neva-Leader 4" (Yard number 404) was laid down on 24.10.11. The descent took place on 30.04.13. Rented 15.07.13.
The fifth vessel of RSD49 "Neva-Leader 5" (Yard number 405) was laid down on 20.12.11. The descent took place on 02.07.13. Rented 09/11/13.
The sixth ship of the project RSD49 "Neva-Leader 6" (Yard number 406) was laid down on 18.05.12. The descent took place on 07/17/13.
The seventh vessel of RSD49 "Neva-Leader 7" (Yard number 407) was laid down on 23.08.12.
The eighth ship of the project RSD49 "Neva-Leader 8" (Yard number 408) was laid down on 31.10.12.
The ninth ship of the project RSD49 "Neva-Leader 9 ‘ (Yard number 409) was laid down on 15.01.13.
Tenth craft project RSD49 "Neva-Leader 10" (Yard number 410) was laid down on 28.03.13.

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