NTMK unit was put into operation for the secondary steel treatment

At JSC "Evraz NTMK" officially put into operation ladle furnace — the fourth production facility for secondary steel treatment before pouring on continuous casting machine (CCM). Setting the "ladle-furnace" is designed to improve the purity of steel and for precise temperature control in the processes of continuous casting.
In ceremonies attended by representatives of the administration of Nizhny Tagil, of Eurasia and the managers of the enterprise.
Evraz investment in the project amounted to more than 500 million rubles. Implementation of the project will increase the capacity of secondary treatment area and to increase the share produced by continuous casting machine number 4 premium-slabs, including pipe producers in the oil industry by the standards of the American Petroleum Institute (American Petroleum Institute, API).

Construction of a new "ladle-furnace" was launched in December 2010 Installation of the equipment was carried out under the continuous steelmaking. The industrial complex has high environmental performance, full automation and a modern system of gas extraction and gas cleaning. Its operation will make it possible to reduce the processing cost of the metal at the maximum quality improvement. Currently, there are three EVRAZ NTMK unit "ladle-furnace" — high-tech production facilities intended for secondary treatment of the metal before casting to continuous casting machines. Commissioning of the unit ladle furnace number 4 in conjunction with the reconstruction of the CCM-3 and number 4 converter will increase the performance of the converter shop NTMK to 4.5 million tons of steel per year, as well as improve the quality of our products.

Put into operation a new production facility in the Metallurgist’s Day has long been a tradition at EVRAZ NTMK. At the plant during the week are the celebrations: updated Hall of Fame, honored the best youth teams held a meeting with the managing director of the best dynasties and the veterans are assigned the title of "Master of fingers". For the first time this year, the plant workers were awarded gold and silver corporate logos of Eurasia. Also, a tradition was a solemn meeting at the monument metallurgists Nizhny Tagil, open year ago, and the solemn assembly top steelmakers in the Palace of Culture. During the celebrations certificates and honorary degrees were awarded more than 900 metallurgists.

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