Nuclear engineers have developed a unique ultra-high strength wire

"RUSNANO" approved the project of "VNIINM. AA Bochvar "(part of the fuel company Rosatom" fuel elements ")," The production of nanostructured electrical wires with ultra-high strength. " Technology has no analogues in Russia or abroad and produces homogeneous properties of high-strength wire large section with a length of 100-200 meters.

The project aims to create a unique production for mass production of nano electrical wires with ultra-high strength and electrical conductivity based on the developed at JSC "VNIINM" industrial production of high technology, vysokoelektroprovodnyh materials with nanometric level of dispersion microstructure.
The resulting composite material has unique physical characteristics: strength steel at 1200-1500 MPa, and high electrical conductivity while at 65-75% of the conductivity of high purity copper.

Indicator of resistance to flexion and extension of electrical wires made from this material with a cross-section of 0.01 mm? to 25 mm? (180 °), an order of magnitude higher than for pure copper wire.

The wires have extremely high for low-cycle fatigue properties — wire cross-section 3.0 x 5.8 mm to withstand a load of more than 1000 cycles at a voltage close to 1400 MPa at a temperature of liquid nitrogen and more than 10,000 load cycles at a voltage of 900 MPa at room temperature.

As a result of the project will be created new market segments in the following industries: energy, aviation, space, engineering, transport, etc.
Plans to release a 4 types of electrical circuits: winding wire for vysokopolnyh rectangular pulse magnet with a record-high induction of T 70-100.; Composite transport lines for high-speed rail, wires and cables, high reliability for aviation and space technology, especially strong for Microwire electronics, mini motor, special highly flexible cables.

The project for the industrial production of nanostructured conductors will be implemented through a joint venture between the state corporation "RUSNANO" and JSC "VNIINM" on the production base of "VNIINM" with the volume production of nanostructured conductors up to 50 tons per year, with a view to the formation of large-scale commercial production of nanostructured materials on the basis of "CMP" with an annual production of up to 200 tons.

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