Nuclear submarine K-278 Komsomolets / MEMORIAL DAY

April 7 — the day of the dead sailors — Russian submariners

In carrying out the tasks of combat service April 7, 1989 at a depth of 386 meters in neutral waters near Bear Island in the compartment of the submarine K-278 "Komsomolets" fire occurred. Six hours the crew fought to save their ship, but after the explosions in the compartments of the boat went to the bottom. Of the 69 crew members on board were killed and frozen in cold water 42 people.

In Russia honors the memory of the crew of the Northern Fleet nuclear submarine "Komsomolets" sank April 7, 1989 in the Norwegian Sea. 
The decision of the Commander in Chief of the Russian Navy announced on April 7th Fleet Submarine Memorial Day Crew "Komsomolets". During the rise of flags on the ships of the Navy memory of the dead sailors observed a moment of silence. All naval garrisons held ceremonies, and in the Orthodox churches cantonments will worship the dead sailors.
The death of "Komsomolets" was a tragedy on a national scale. Then there was the "Kursk" … In total, from 1939 to the present time (except for the period of the Great Patriotic War), killed 12 Russian submarines. In disasters and emergencies country lost about 800 of its podvodnikov.V six cases, the crews were lost in its entirety.

I’ll be back … when the burn lightning,
In the morning to say goodbye again
And go where the wind moans,
Placing a network storm.

You do not cry and do not look so strictly
My dear friend — my own touch-me …
I am a sailor in the seas of my way —
Neither the turn nor stand nor circumvent …

Tbsp-ton S. Markov, was killed by "Komsomolets".

City Zaozersk monument submarine "Komsomolets"

You Eternal Memory, Heroes Mariners — submariners

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