Number of Mars — 194




The pictures transmitted by the robot "Spirit", enthusiasts have noticed Arabic numerals

Upon closer inspection, one of the stones showed the numbers.
Photo: AP

After 28 years of Mars again puzzled earthlings unexpected picture. In 1976, the automatic machine "Viking" photographed from orbit some relief, in which researchers found a striking resemblance to a human face. Now history has repeated itself, but in the microscale. The size of the "face" — almost a kilometer. A new artifact, which came "Spirit", no more than a few millimeters. His photos, as well as other micrographs of the surface of Mars, NASA has made available on its official website. And all of them can be considered. And then someone considered the maze patterns Arabic numerals. Look closely — you'll see: a large "1" bit less "9." The number "4" stamped worse than others, but still clearly discern. Question: What does it mean?


1. Previously, people lived on Mars, specifically — the Arabs, because Arabic numerals. Moreover, literate people who knew a lot about space travel, because after they migrated to Earth.

2. Digits — the identification number of the stone props Hollywood associates NASA. And no one really did not fly to Mars, and the whole "expedition" — nothing more than a show organized in the pavilion on the eve of the U.S. presidential election.

3. NASA just joking, as in 1970. Togla astronauts brought back from the moon photo of stone on which was seen the letter "C". It turned out that they scribbled it yourself.

4. Figures left aliens: marked to account for one of the samples collected, but is not taken — lost.

5. For those who are depicted in the picture doodles imagining "194", a highly developed imagination. You can build it even stronger image out of it. If you see the picture upside down, you can see the horse, harnessed to the chariot. Sideways doodle look with some passenger aircraft.


Serious professionals celebrate the completion of the first series of scientific experiments, "Spirit's". And too surprised micrographs, but in different ways. Through the microscope, which is equipped with a meter robotic arm rover images were obtained plots Martian surface area of the cross section of a human hair. And these are visible some hollow balls and tubes.

John Grotzinger, a geologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, NASA reported that he had seen the exact same bulbs and tubes in the desert in the southwest United States. There, they were formed by the evaporation of salt water. In other words, the obtained first, though indirect and microscopic evidence that Mars once could have oceans.

Vladimir Lagowski. January 20, 2004

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