Number of shipments of engineering technology in the Strategic Rocket Forces increased by 3 times

In recent years, the volume of supply of engineering technology and engineering assets in units of the Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) have increased 3 times compared to previous years.

Chief of Engineers, the Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel Dmitry Evmenenko reported that in 2010, the missile forces set up more than 80 units of engineering equipment and more than 100 tons of engineering equipment, which greatly exceeds the supply volumes of previous years. Similar figures on the volume of deliveries of engineering technology and engineering assets in units of the Strategic Missile Forces achieved in 2011.

Currently, representatives of the military units of the Strategic Missile Forces in the central and district engineering bases basically completed the work on selection for the troops engineering equipment stored there.

With the active participation of the officers of the Strategic Missile Engineering Services has been implementing the troops of advanced engineering equipment to enhance maneuverability and survivability of new combat missile systems, among them — machine engineering and camouflage, as well as cars remote mine. Which began in 2009 with delivery to the troops machinery engineering and masking resulted in the introduction of new methods of concealment and simulation applied personnel on combat duty in the missile systems mobile home. This, in turn, has reduced tenfold human labor costs to perform these tasks.

Among the main tasks assigned to the engineering units RVSN — engineering reconnaissance and facilities, equipment fortification objects, positions and areas occupied by units and formations, training and maintenance of combat patrol routes, field positions, routes and ways to maneuver units, to hides and imitation products, areas and important installations.

Currently in service with the Strategic Missile Forces engineer units are the basic types of equipment such as engineering machinery razgrazhdeniya, universal road machines, excavators, cranes, various electrical tools.


Military personnel and equipment engineered parts and units SRF actively involved in efforts to eliminate and localization of wildfires in the regions of Central Russia in August 2010. Five soldiers who distinguished themselves in the course of firefighting, state awards — the Order of Courage.

In addition, in October 2010, the consolidated group of mine formed of officers deminers in two areas of the Kirov region was successfully accomplished the task of locating and destroying more than 3,800 weapons from World War II. More than 700 weapons from World War II with the participation of engineers SRF were found and destroyed in the Kirov region in May and June 2011. As we can see, military equipment and finds civilian applications.

Catherine Kol’tsova, "RUSSIAN ARMS"
October 21, 2011

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