Nutricia has opened a new production facility at the plant in the town of Istra (Moscow region).

The construction of a new production facility at the company Nutricia in Istra, Russia’s largest company for the production of infant formula and cereals for children from 0 to 3 let.Obem investment of 50 million euros.

As a result of the introduction of modern technology factory not only got new facilities, but also became one of the most advanced Russian enterprises of the food industry. The new complex meets the highest European standards of production safety and product quality.

For 40 years, the plant manufactures products under well-known brands of the Russian baby food "Baby" and "Baby." After the acquisition of the plant by Nutricia in 1995, the company constantly improve their technology, and in 2012 completed a 4-year process of designing and building a new production facility. As a result, the plant received a new building and modern European equipment.

In general, the new production facility is planned for 4 packaging lines. At the moment, there are 2 lines, their maximum capacity is 24 thousand tons per year. By 2014, the company plans to launch a third line and fourth line will launch in the future to increase production by half — to 50 thousand tons per year.Among the technological innovations of the new plant — a unique blending plant with a gravity swing, as well as ultra-modern extruder used for the production of instant oatmeal. All equipment is manufactured in Europe using the latest technology.

Air conditioning and air purification, zoning, manufacturing and packaging equipment — all the plant meets the latest European quality and safety standards applicable in the production of baby food. It is also important that the company operates in strict accordance with Russian and international environmental standards.

"Our priority — health and well-being of Russian children. Striking confirmation of this — our new "Baby", produced at the plant in Istra Nutricia. This new generation of milk, which, on the one hand, it was specially designed to meet the needs of the Russian kids, on the other — is produced by the latest technologies. We are proud that our plant quality and safety standards is a model for all companies involved in the production of baby food, not only in Russia but also in the world. In this, as in the rest of the company Nutricia, we are driven by the desire to make a significant contribution to the development of the Russian baby food market for the benefit of Russian consumers, "- said Christian Stammkoetter, CEO of Nutricia Russia and Kazakhstan.

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