Nyagan GRES issued the first megawatts to the grid

Nyagan GRES, being constructed by "Fortum" from scratch in Niagan Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District — the largest of which were built over more than 20 years of thermal power plant Russia. The total installed capacity of its three units will be 1,254 MW.

"Stacked load was 70 MW. Synchronization with the network showed that all systems are operational unit number 1, startup goes according to plan, "- said the director of Nyagan GRES Mikhail Shabalin.

In commissioning the first power unit Nyaganskaya SDPS "Fortum" passed an important milestone: the equipment provided to the first megawatts to the grid.

"Preparations for the launch of the first power unit of hydroelectric power station is around the clock. The next step — blowing steam and preparation for the steam turbine ", — said Andrey Malyshev, president of the E4 Group, the main contractor for construction of the first power Nyagan GRES. Comprehensive testing and certification tests of the first power Nyaganskaya power plant is scheduled to begin in February.

It is expected that the commissioning of the first unit will be held in the first quarter of 2013.

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