Nyagan — one of the fastest growing cities in Yugra


Members of the State Duma Leonid Simanovskiy and Alexander Sarychev, chairman of the Duma of the Khanty-Mansi — Yugra Boris Khokhryakov participated in the primaries, "United Russia", and also visited several projects under construction Nyagan. 

On this trip they were accompanied by Deputy Mayor Michael rest their souls, mayor of Nyagan Rima Dakukina, her deputy for the construction of Elena Nosyreva, members of City Council Eldar Ismailov and Andrew Osadchuk.

The visit began with a tour of the construction site waste water treatment plants. The building is currently the treatment plant built, the question with the staffing of the missing equipment.

Rated power BOC 25 — 30 thousand cubic meters of water per day, that is enough even with the growth prospects Nyagan. Guests were asked about the parameters of the production line, its value, discussed the possibility of purchasing the equipment.

"In pencil" were taken financing the construction of the BOC in Nyagan under the regional program "Clean Water" for the institution to the station necessary engineering infrastructure for work related to the installation of the equipment in the winter.

Next a construction site — a kindergarten for 320 places in the Fourth district. It employs the money of public-private partnerships: the first floor is ready, input is scheduled Sept. 1, 2012. New Garden in Nyagan will cost 390 million rubles. In this monolithic building and garden will be delivered "turnkey", with communications, with all necessary equipment, furniture. A similar project is in the neighborhood of 6, including cottage development.

Among the buildings visited by high-ranking delegation, the residential complex "Emder." House number 1 is almost ready for delivery. The guests toured several of finished apartments, spoke of the comfort layout, quality finishes and unusually beautiful facade of the house. "It is unfortunate that the future owners had to worry, there were problems with the introduction of serznye. But it’s over, the governor has kept his word. A such that "defrauded real estate investors," they lived in the best residential building in the city, I have never met! ", — Said Leonid Simanovskiy.

Can not stay guests in the shopping center «Oasis-Plaza». About this site says construction coordinator AM Osadchuk: "Landscaping will be completed in the fall. Inside the building now started installation of floors and ventilation systems. At the end of the year in this wing will open the "Wright" — supermarket food products. I think this will be the first such hypermarket on the Left Bank — an area of 4400 square meters. meters. And the total area of the "Oasis" — 32 500 square meters. meters … "As noted, the heat goes into the building of autonomous gas boiler for 10 megawatts. Power enough to connect to it 5 — 7 of the adjacent houses. Cost Gcal of this boiler will cost to tenants at least one and a half times cheaper.

One of the most significant buildings in the socially-Nyagan correctional school. Construction is the company "Alpha Omega" by order of the county government. In the school building and a sleeping body. Classes are bright. Dining room, gymnasium, assembly hall with a stage, there is even a winter garden. Head of Adham Alimdjanov said that finishing facilities will be completed by the builder of the Day, and the input of the school after the installation of the equipment is scheduled for November 1. BS Khokhryakov expressed simply: "When people say that the governor has allocated for the construction District 16 billion rubles, and the deputies supported it, all this sounds a bit too abstract. But when you come into the territory and see a new neighborhood, new kindergartens, a new school — this is really fun for real. In Nyagan comes great power, a growing number of new buildings — your city is looking to the future. "

Summing up a short visit Leonid Simanovskiy said: "Here in Nyagan built kindergartens, grand shopping facilities, real estate investors get the best accommodation in the homes of the city. It was built in Nyagan correctional school is second to none, even in the regional center. The Government, the Governor of Ugra and understanding approach to the problem of water quality, allocation of funds for the construction of wastewater treatment plants … many other things that we have seen today — all this suggests that Nyagan — one of the most developing cities in Ugra. And we must continue to pursue this work. "

Head of the Administration supported the guest Rima Dakukina: As I said, pure water — one of the main concerns of our city. I’m sure we will solve this problem. Allocated funds from the county came in part — 24 million rubles. All we are talking about the amount of 140 million. The Governor Natalia Komarova, the district government listen to us. I am sure that the visits of legislative support of deputies will solve tasks quickly and with great effect.

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