OAO Moscow mechanical plant number 3 has released a new machine UBM-6

Today, more are widely used pipe bending machines. CNC pipe bending machines, hand-held, electro-hydraulic benders, to provide a high level of performance.

Moscow mechanical plant number 3 today released a new, modern, equipped with high quality tube bending machine UBM-6/1, MMP-3101-№ 1 — Technological system that allows you to carry out complex bending operations with different types of profile as both manual and automatic modes.



  • tube bending machine
  • tube bending machine

Trouble-free operation of the machine is ensured by a special electronic control system, which controls the bender CSD-6 pre-set program.

In the new pipe bending machines CSD-6 provides for the possibility of electronic programming coordinate system. Electric tube bending machine CSD-6 CNC provides a shaped tube bending, steel bars and rods, as well as a circular or rectangular cross-section.

Tube bending machine is designed for bending stainless steel tubes, ferrous and non-ferrous metals by running around the block in a cold state. Tube bending machines CSD-6/1 CNC also do an excellent job with galvanized pipes, longs using a special roller, allowing to automate the processing technology. In this case, pipe bending equipment can be installed on a solid foundation of arbitrary or covering, as it does not require a specially equipped area.

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