OAO Moscow mechanical plant number 3 is releasing a new tube bending machine UGS-6/1A

JSC "Moscow mechanical plant number 3" has released a new pipe bending machine UGS-6/1A.

Tube bending machine UBM — 6/1, has undergone many changes.

Changed how the definition of the bending angle (the angle measured by the absolute encoder), which forms a right angle in the digital code that can process information using a microcontroller with no additional changes.
The introduction of an encoder with high accuracy to determine the current position of the carriage pipe bending machine and take into account the coordinates in the processing of the pipe.
Uvelichina bending accuracy through the use of more modern technology.
Includes remote control operation of pipe bending machine with the use of the radio channel. Operated as a small-sized remote control key fob that provides added convenience when managing the data pipe-bending machine.
Changed the appearance, size remote control pipe-bending machine.
Improved display system.
The use of new software on the order improves product specifications, monitor the status of the device.
Upgraded power control board provides higher reliability and performance in the mains.

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