OAO PO refinery is the new night vision sights PN23 and PN23-3-5.

  • PN23
  • PN23

Sights are a continuation of a series of small scopes Mo-23 using a small diameter of the tube.
The main difference between the new sights of PN23 — the use of the tube with the function of adjusting the brightness of the screen. In other words, the shooter will be able to manually adjust the picture brightness depending on the ambient lighting conditions. For example, in the twilight set half the brightness, contrast and get a better picture than when viewed from the traditional EOPom, and in the darkness of the tube screen brightness set to maximum.
The second innovation in the series — internal focusing lens — from 7 m to PN23-3, and 25 m for PN23-5.
Also in the sights increased flow reconciliations to ± 10 hundred.
Sights are equipped with Picatinny rail on the right side for mounting accessories (IR illuminator designator, etc.).
Detailed specifications of the sights included in the directory.
By order of sights will be available in February.

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