OAO «PROMKO launches new equipment

Company PROMKO started installation center for processing sheet metal KALTENBACH KF 2506 (produced in Germany). The acquisition of the machine, the cost of which is estimated at 28.2 million, is one of the stages of the modernization of plant metal structures.

Center for treatment of steel sheet mounted on the industrial site Lebyazhinsky Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk region. Its purpose — to manufacture semi-finished steel by plasma cutting, cutting, drilling, etc. for further manufacture and assembly of steel structures.   

In Russia today operates only a few plants of this type. Equipment features high accuracy, large working range, cost cutting and optimization of waste.

Performance Center of sheet material is 300 tons per month, commissioning is expected by mid-February.

The history of the company dates back to 1993. By that time, formed the backbone of the team in its current form.


Officially Open Joint Stock Company "Promko" recorded July 10, 1998.

The company is developing within the same industry — steel industry. Trade in metal products, metal, various related services (storage, handling, transportation), recycling of scrap metals, metal production, metal production — that is the path traversed by the company for 18 years.


Today PROMKO — professional supplier, a professional member of ferrous metals.

The company annually sells more than eighty-five thousand tons of steel products. Has industrial spaces intended for storage of steel, metalworking, production of metal and metal products (steel balls), and recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


Develops in the same industry through diversification — the development of new market segments.

Having started with the trade of ferrous metals, in 2006, the company has commissioned a site on the reception and processing of scrap metal, in 2008 started production of steel in 2010, has launched production of steel grinding balls.


The company is registered and operates in Yekaterinburg, opened a branch in Nizhny Tagil (located in the same industrial area of the company), representative offices in Moscow and Norilsk. The second consecutive year ranked 5th in terms of trade in the ranking of the largest metal trading companies and West-Ural region, is a reliable partner Registry of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (№ 00504-325).

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