OAO UES FGC has commissioned a 220 kV substation Buzhora in Krasnodar region

The solemn ceremony of commissioning of the 220 kV Buzhora held on August 12 in the village of Buzhor Anapa district of Krasnodar region. Capacity of the new substation 250 MVA. The work carried out under the investment program of OAO "UES FGC". The amount of investment was not more than 2.4 billion rubles.

Construction of 220 kV Buzhora was due to the intense growth of energy consumption in the Krasnodar region, especially in the central and south-western regions. Enter new power contributes to solving the problems of energy shortage and creates conditions for development of resorts in the cities of Anapa and Gelendzhik. 

Speaking at the launch, Chairman of the Management Board of JSC "FGC UES" Oleg Budargin noted that the new substation is Buzhora power facilities and construct new generation ahead of the curve, taking into account the future needs of the region. "It can provide energy to two or three districts, such Anapa, and will not only contribute to the intensive development of the all-Russian resort, but the Krasnodar region as a whole. This is a significant contribution to improving the reliability of the electric grid complex of the Kuban, for which, unfortunately, due to the peculiarities of weather conditions characterized by frequent power consumers. In continuation of this work will be soon launched a line of 500 kV Kuban — Central. Taken together, these measures will significantly reduce the risk of emergency situations. Of course, for this we will also have to bring "a certain order" in the distribution grid complex of the region ", — said the head of the Federal Grid Company.

Oleg Budargin also thanked the contractors and the Krasnodar authorities for assistance in the construction of the substation and noted their keen interest in the development of power grid facilities of the Kuban. 

In turn, the deputy head of the administration of Krasnodar region Vadim Lukoyanov also said most sincere gratitude to the JSC "FGC UES", design and construction companies for the construction of a modern power facility in record time, and expressed its intention to further develop co-operation with the regional administration of the Federal Grid Company.

Substation Buzhora fully automated. In particular, it is equipped with a microprocessor-based relay protection and automation, automated information and measuring system for power generation, automated process control system. Over an area of 4 hectares constructed substation control houses, outdoor switchgear 220 and 110 kV indoor switchgear, 10 kV, built artesian wells, installed gas-insulated circuit breakers, current and voltage transformers, surge arresters. 

At power instituted eight lines — two 220 kV transmission line Buzhora — Vyshesteblievsky and Buzhora — Kuban, and six 110 kV lines — Buzhora — Anapa (1 and 2 chain), Buzhora — New Anapa (1 and 2 chain), Buzhora — Dzhemete , Buzhora — Raevskaya. 

In the implementation of the project involved more than 300 people and about 25 units of special equipment. In addition, active participation in the construction of energy facility construction crew took the students of Novomoskovsky branch of the Russian State Chemical Technology University. DI Mendeleev. 

At the conclusion of the opening ceremony of the Chairman of the Management Board of JSC "FGC UES" Oleg Budargin met with students — stroyotryadovtsami Novomoskovsky branch of Chemical Technology University. DI Mendeleev and Petrozavodsk State University. They helped power engineers and builders with the final preparations for connecting the substation Buzhora.

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