OAO UES FGC has opened a substation of 220 kV gas in the Astrakhan region

JSC "FGC UES" (part of the group of companies of "Rossetti") officially opened in Astrakhan reconstructed substation 220 kV gas — a highly reliable, low-power facility of a new generation, which meets high requirements of international standards. Updating the main supply power facility Astrakhan gas processing plant was carried out in a short period of time without interruption in the power supply of consumers. Holding company "ELEKTROZAVOD" (Moscow) acted as the general contractor for the reconstruction and the main supplier of electrical equipment for the substation, ie implemented a full cycle — from design through to commissioning. 

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister of the Astrakhan region — Minister of Industry, Transport and Natural Resources of the Astrakhan oblast Sergei Krzhanovsky said: "The opening of the substation Gas is important both for the Astrakhan region and for the entire power structure of the region, which is now being actively developed. Uninterrupted power supply of the Astrakhan gas processing plant — one of the main tasks of engineers. We thank the Federal Grid Company for the construction of a new substation and reliable. And we wish all those who took part in the project, such as the further successful and beautiful projects on the territory of our country. "

The event was also attended by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Astrakhan region on the operation of life support systems and environmental safety Oleg Polumordvinov, Deputy General Director of JSC "FGC UES" — MES Center Eugene Logutov, Director of Engineering of "ELEKTROZAVOD" Alexander Zemcov and other officials.

At the site, located next to the existing substation, built next-generation power facility, including outdoor switchgear (ORU), 110 and 220 kV, as well as indoor switchgear (ISG) 10 kV. Outdoor switchgear substation updated are based on modern highly 110-220 kV gas-insulated equipment.

At the substation with 2 auto-transformer 220/110 kV 125 MVA each, developed by specialists of "ELEKTROZAVOD." They have improved performance compared to current standards: the loss of auto-transformers were reduced by 36%, mass transport — by 33%, gross weight — at 31%. The units are equipped with a modern system of monitoring and diagnostics, which provides ongoing analysis of the equipment in the course of its life.

Also at a power plant mounted two booster transformer to 16 MVA and two static capacitor 110 kV and 26 MVA each. This equipment allows you to maintain a high quality of electric power, increase network capacity and to minimize transmission losses. On the new substation perezavedeny operating lines of 110-220 kV and the subscribers’ cable 10 kV line — a total of 12 lines.

The building is made of substation control installation main control substation workstations operating personnel. Mounted microprocessor-based relay protection and emergency control, automated process control system, an automated information system for measurement of electricity, modern communication systems and remote control.

During the opening ceremony of the Director of Engineering of "ELEKTROZAVOD" Alexander Zemcov said: "Today, our company not only provides services for the design, construction and supply of equipment, but it produces itself. Specially constructed for energy facilities is carried out to develop a new or improved energy equipment manufactured in order to substantially improve its technical and operational characteristics. "

Holding company "ELEKTROZAVOD" specializes in the production of transformer and reactor equipment for more than eighty-five years. Constantly updated and modernized technical and powerful industrial base enterprises of the holding company "ELEKTROZAVOD" guarantees the development and production of high-quality modern transformer and reactor equipment throughout the range of powers and voltages, as well as in the quantities required for the implementation of the investment program of Russian energy and to replace old, worn-out out equipment at the network facilities.

The main task of engineering units of the holding company "ELEKTROZAVOD" implies an integrated approach to the provision of services for the construction of generating facilities and distribution. In fact, the customer is able to enter into a contract for the execution of the work on power supply of a particular company or facility housing sector "turnkey" with a contractor who takes responsibility for the final product. The company carries out such work for the past 10 years, taking part in the programs of construction and technical re-equipment of power in many regions of Russia.

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