Objects of the first complex Ust-Srednekanskoy plant put into operation

Ust-Srednekanskaya plant is included in the dispatch schedule to the end of the year will produce energy for the Magadan 245 million kWh of electricity. At the moment, both units are delivered to the load station. When operating at lower NAPOR average production is about 1500 kWh


In early September, after a final inspection of Technical Supervisory Authority issued certificate of compliance with the technical regulations of construction, after which they were obtained permission for putting the equipment into operation, and the station was registered as an object of property in Rosreestra. 

Construction of the plant continues. The next step will be the construction of the waterfront to the level 276.5 m (today he was elevated to 260 m) and introduction of the hydraulic unit number three. This will increase the pressure to continue to safely operate the plant without the use of spillway dam in the winter. In addition, the increased capacity of the reservoir will greatly enhance the safety of people living downstream of the Kolyma River, during the floods.

Currently, the plant built up pressure front concrete and earthworks hydropower. Continuing concreting blocks spillway dam 260 m above the level of the cap and the dumping of the main earthen dam (temporary earthen dam, which was built as part of the first complex, will eventually become part of the core). This year, the need to build an earthen dam to the level of 240 m

The power plant will provide electricity to the developing mining enterprises in the first place — gold. The development of hydropower encourages the creation of new industries that are unique to the region. So now may be a factory for the production of liquefied hydrogen, the agreement on the construction of which was signed in June, and the Japanese company RusHydro "Kawasaki". Besides hydro will contribute Shipping, handling stock Kolyma. It will be possible to avoid building thermal power plants, which will reduce the consumption of imported fuel and will reduce the growth in electricity tariffs by reducing the cost of its production.

Ust-Srednekanskaya plant will greatly enhance the energy security of the region. Until now, the power system needs of the isolated Magadan by 95% from only one power plant — Kolyma HPP. With the launch of the first units of Ust-Srednekanskoy plant in the Magadan region appeared highly mobile backup power generation, that the most positive impact on the reliability of power supply of the population and industry.

Ust-Srednekanskaya plant — being built hydroelectric power station on the Kolyma River, is the second stage in the Kolyma HPP. It is located 9 kilometers from the mouth of the river Srednekan, a tributary of the Kolyma. Construction of Ust-Srednekanskoy plant started in 1991. Design and construction documents developed by JSC "Lengidroproekt." Installed capacity 570 MW (4 hydraulic capacity of 142.5 MW each). The first start-up complex with capacity 169 MW includes the construction of waterfront station to the level of 260 m (according to BS), and putting into operation of two hydroelectric units with temporary impellers Francis turbines. Completion of the Ust-Srednekanskoy plant is scheduled for 2018 

The flooding of the pit Ust-Srednekanskoy HPP.

Ust-Srednekanskaya plant as of September 2011.

The overlap of the Kolyma River on the construction of Ust-Srednekanskoy HPP.

One of the explorers of the Kolyma — the driver BELAZ.

The construction of the earthen dam.

The first phase of HPS.

The stator of the generator.

The rotor of the generator.

When assembling the rotor is used bridge crane, and manages the woman.

On the stator assembly work under a contract of Daghestan "KaspiySGEMa."

Water is fed through the turbines here such here penstocks.

Vitaly Ragulin, who is alsodervishvvisited the construction of Ust-Srednekanskoy HPP. What is happening now in the Magadan region’s largest construction site,dedicated to his remarkable photographic.

The article draws on photographic press service of JSC "RusHydro".
 http://blog.rushydro.ru/? …% d1% 8f-% d0% b3% d1% 8d% d1% 81 

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