Oblako@Mail.ru tested. In the beta version — 100 GB

Mail.Ru Group announced the launch of the closed beta service "Clouds Mail.Ru». Test participants are free to get up to 100 GB of cloud storage.

In "Cloud Mail.Ru» You can store photos, videos, presentations, and other files and share them with other users. You can use the cloud not only through the web interface, but in a desktop (for Windows and Mac OS), and mobile applications for Android and iOS. Also made a special client for Linux. Files in a personal cloud automatically synced on all devices. 

"People are more and more different devices — now every advanced user there are at least smart phone, a tablet and a laptop or desktop computer and they accumulate more and more fragmented content. We want to help you collect your files in one place, to protect against loss and to ensure that they were always on hand — said vice-president of Mail.Ru Group, Head of Business Unit "Mail and Portal" Anna Artamonova. — "Cloud Mail.Ru» — one of the first services that gives the user a place comparable with the size of the hard drive. We believe that in this way we will help our users to get rid of the attachment to a specific device and access your photos, videos and any other files from any computer, phone or tablet from anywhere in the world. "

Applications for the "big" computers (on Windows or Mac OS) allow you to automatically synchronize with the repository special folder on your hard drive. For a user or put in this folder, it is almost instantly load into the "cloud" and is accessible from any device, noted in Mail.Ru Group.

A key feature from the outset available in mobile applications — Startup photos from your phone. If this feature is enabled, all photos taken with the device instantly appear in the "Cloud" — it’s a good content protection in the event of loss or damage to the machine.

Each user is recorded on the beta-testing "Clouds Mail.Ru», stands up to 100GB of storage space. Beta-testing service and everyone is welcome. Applications for participation in testing, you can send here.

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