DECEMBER 19 — OPENING DATE Oceanarium! In the opening day of the launch of the Aquarium from 12.00.

   In the shopping center "Children’s World" (metro Darnica) will open its doors a unique educational and entertainment complex — "Aquarium Marine fairy tale."

It so happened that in Ukraine the word "aquarium" is associated primarily with the numerous dolphin, appearing all over the place in all the major cities and not much of the country. But what is the Oceanarium, really? First of all, it is, of course, a museum with live exhibits — the inhabitants of the seas and oceans of the world. And indeed this is our Kiev aquarium "Sea Fairy Tale," which will open its doors December 19, 2012.

Right at the entrance visitors will be met by storm seas — the legendary pirate who carries on a rickety bridge in the first gallery of the exhibition — the inverted wooden ship.

 In the ports of the sunken ship the exposition cozy coral complex. Hard and soft, colorful corals entire underwater forests grow in the 6-meter aquarium, located on the right hand of the guests. Left a few portholes — cold-water habitat with king crab and lobster.

From the ship we get into the underwater world — the tunnel is located at a depth of 2 meters under water. From fish aquarium separates the viewer only acrylic glass thickness of 8 cm is in a tunnel is absolutely safe and extremely exciting — the underwater life is before your eyes.

You come out of the tunnel and before you even rows built a number of unique habitats — six aquariums with various aquatic organisms. Acropora corals, jellyfish, hrizipter flocks, fish surgeons.

At the end of the hall eyes run from multi-colored "nemozony" — an aquarium with more than 20 types of clown fish (fish-mute who became famous thanks to multifilmu and have become favorites of all children).

Aquarium with jellyfish, fish-thinkers, several species of moray eels dangerous — they are all waiting for you in the following gallery of our aquarium. And here’s the amazing seahorses, though descended from the pages of Russian fairy tales.

 A wise turtle (we live most graceful of these ancient species of amphibians — green sea) friendly winks from his aquarium. She is very sociable and likes to scratch her back.

Undoubtedly, one of the jewels of the aquarium will be «touchpool» — an outdoor pool with starfish and stingrays, which can be touched with their own hands, which occupies the central part of the third zone of the total exposure.

Some of our residents are not only funny and colorful clown-fish.

For the first time all the people of Kiev and visitors can admire the spectacle of feeding marine life with it, and in fact among the inhabitants of the aquarium will not only wise turtles and colorful fish-clowns, but a dangerous reef sharks, as well as the most venomous fish in the world — Dog Fish and fish -stone!

In "Sea tale" every visitor can not only enjoy the atmosphere of a magical environment of the underwater world, but also to witness the daily show with exclusive water inhabitants — "The show is feeding the sharks" and "show with mermaids." For winter holidays fun activities will be held with prizes and surprises.

Only with us your children’s dreams come true!

Construction progress:

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