Ochakivs’kyi overpass repaired composites


On the Ring Road bridge repairs completed Ochakovo overpass. The works were performed using composite materials. Bearing beams were reinforced carbon ribbons FibARM. Application of new technology has allowed not to block traffic on the site and significantly shorten the life of the work.

Ochakovo overpass bridge at the 50th km of MKAD was injured in a car accident a few years ago. The design of crashed truck. As a result, suffered one of the supporting beams. There are cracks in that water gets in causing corrosion of reinforcement and started as a result of the deflections design.

More recently to repair the bridge by traditional materials of concrete and metal, would have to change the whole flight. The work would be delayed for months. You would also need to completely stop traffic on this bridge. What was not acceptable.

Came to the aid of high tehnologii.Remont and strengthening of the bridge were carried out using an external reinforcement systems based on carbon fiber webs FibARM, manufactured by JSC "Prepreg-SKM", the company is part of the holding company "Composite".

The manufacturer of the work was the company "KompozitSpetsStroy." The work was done at night. The traffic on this section of Ring Road had not overlap. The works were carried out in 15 nights crew of 5 people.

As a result of the application of the system of external reinforcement carbon ribbons FibARM possible to considerably reduce the repair time, increase turnaround time the bridge is 30 years old (when using traditional materials turnaround time is five years), but the main repair is not caused inconvenience to motorists Moscow.

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