October 1 in Chita turnkey passed the last house of a new residential complex for veterans

  • Photo: is.park.ru
  • Photo: is.park.ru

Chita to be congratulated on his victory. In the regional center has a new district with the same name. This lodging company with limited liability "Tantalus" built specifically for World War II veterans and their widows. October 1 turnkey passed the last house of a new residential complex. 
Officially opened the new neighborhood: the settlers, the representatives of the regional government and the builders themselves. Honorable mission: to cut the red tape — the owners have entrusted this holiday and these homes: veterans. Immediately thereafter began handing the keys.
Tatiana Popova — the widow of a veteran, she was 91. He walks with difficulty, because the apartment had on the first floor. Examines new housing together with her daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter small. Pleased with what he saw everything seems smile, happy, even the youngest of the family. Now the place to play it is just a little more. Previously housing for all is clearly not enough.

Galina Shinareva, settler: "Imagine how we are all in the same room were cooked. I, daughter, granddaughter and mother. Grandmother here we need the same silence. She oldish. And now she has the whole apartment, and there for my daughter’s room was free. Naturally, we satisfied by such apartments. Moreover got them for free. "

Also free in this district received housing and other settlers. Total federal program providing housing for war veterans and their widows, for two years, "Tantalus" is only built and handed over more than 700 turnkey, from apartments. 

Alexander Kholmogorov Deputy Prime Trans-Baikal region: "With all that we have in the province in the construction industry employs many organizations really work on such programs, many do not want to. During the first profits for big construction companies are not here, and secondly a very strict accountability for the money spent. Here, in fact, and direct contracts do not. They work primarily with veterans.’s but nevertheless, these five companies are responsible, we all still there and that’s good. "

Work on the construction of social housing in the region is bound to be continued. In particular, with the participation of "Tantalus", the regional government is already beginning to work together with them to build another neighborhood for veterans.

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