Odessa railroad workers this month upgraded 33 kilometers

Odessa railroad less than a month modernized 33 kilometers. Already open to traffic on the stretch Jolly Kut — Migaevo, where from March 15 to April 1 of the current year has been upgraded 10.7 km of track.
On the stretch Trepovka — Chornoliska until April 14 of this year puteyschiki upgrade 12.9 kilometers. Will be updated at the same time another 11.5 km of track on the stretch Novoukrainka — Braided Tashlyk. Buyalyk at the station for three days last station modernization path.
Modernising the way employees perform complex iron for replacement at the new track structure, which includes removing the rail-sleeper grid, work schebneochischitelnoy machine RM (raises rail-shpalochnuyu bars, conducts cutting and cleaning of ballast, rubble cleared leveled evenly over the width of the track) laying of new lashes (rail-sleeper grid) and correcting the way. Track work done in a long time "window", ie, in a certain period of time during which the movement of trains on specific routes or driving of the station stops. This allows you to perform a full range of track work, without reducing the capacity of the site.
A total of 2012 will be upgraded 181 km of track, which is seven times higher than last year plan to modernize the way.

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