Odnoruchkovye mixers KIT set of cartridges HYDROPLAST

The company HYDROPLAST (Italy), is one of the pioneers of this kind of products, manufactures cartridges since 1986.

Brass rod prevents damage with excessive mechanical stress on the arm of the mixer.

The cartridge has a special shim to manually adjust the mixing ratio of hot and cold water. This option eliminates the possibility of burns, at an elevated temperature in the water.

Idling ceramic plates in the closed position the cartridge increases the life of the mixer. At least 700 000 full cycles’!

The design feature is the camera for mixing hot and cold water already in the mixer body, not in the spout, which ensures the stability of the outlet temperature.

The cartridge is equipped with a flow divider means for noise reduction which do not reduce the water flow, as opposed to cartridges with mesh divider means are prone to clogging.

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