OEDB began production of engines for the Orion WIG-20


On the "Omsk engine design bureau" (OEDB) started production of turboprop engine turboprop-10 for the power plant winged "Orion 20". 

HPT-10 — Aviation turbine turboprop engine, which was developed by the "Omsk engine design bureau" in 1965 and previously installed on passenger commuter aircraft, hovercraft "Scat"

The engine is characterized takeoff power — 940 horsepower, began mass-produced in 1969.

 Orion-20 — it dvadtsatimestny winged off mass of 8500 kg. Earlier reported, that "Orion 20" was to be presented this summer. Production of which is organized in several plants in the European part of Russia. At its base is planned to develop a cargo modification and sanitary evacuation ship.  

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