OEMC has commissioned a new gas cleaning

In the third and fourth electric arc furnace melting shop OEMK (Oskol Electric Steel Works, part of the company "Metalloinvest") was put into operation a new gas cleaning — one of the priority environmental projects of the Company "Metalloinvest". New equipment has been confirmation of guarantee values.

Construction of gas purification — a major component of the investment project. The introduction of a new system to OEMK purification of exhaust gases from the furnaces will allow an increase in the volume of steel production to reduce the negative impact on the environment.  

"The introduction of advanced technologies that reduce the burden on the environment is an ongoing priority of the Company. Commissioning of the new gas cleaning was another step in this direction, "- said General Director of the Criminal Code" METALLOINVEST "Eduard Potapov.

As a result of the introduction of electric furnaces for number 3 and number 4 of the new gas cleaning system residual dust flue gas decreased by 2.5 times. This will reduce the emission of dust into the surrounding atmosphere in these furnaces is more than 1.5 times. Dustiness of the workplace steelworkers fell by an average of 2 times.

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